Party Down: 8 Virtual Events Ideas

In 2020, the number of virtual events hosted online doubled.

Thanks to the pandemic, people are starting to realize that hosting an event online when you can’t do it in person is a perfectly viable option. And that just because it is online doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Have a look at our eight great virtual events ideas for making your next online event snap, crackle, and pop.

1. Online Fancy Dress Party

You’re at home, and you have your entire wardrobe just out of camera shot. Why not host an online fancy dress party? You can set a theme or even change the theme throughout the night. Black Tie, 70s Glam Rock, The Most Jumpers… The only limit is your imagination!

2. Internet Scavenger Hunt

While at your desk the whole of the internet is at your fingertips. So, make the most of it by creating an online scavenger hunt.

Create questions that require guests to seek out answers online. They find the answers on websites and bring them back to the chat. First to complete them all wins!

This is one of the great virtual event ideas for schools or even companies!

3. Online Conferences

Just because we can not all be together at the moment doesn’t mean that we can not host a conference online. In fact, modern video conferencing technologies make it easier than ever to attend online conferences in your PJs.

You can host speaker sessions in breakout rooms so attendees can move between them as they would in a conference hall. Also, don’t forget to record sessions so that people can watch them after the event online.

4. Virtual Classes

Teaching online has never been easier. You can teach most things online as you would in a class. Some subjects can be made even easier online with the freedom to access the internet and interactive tools and games during class.

5. Online Choir Session

Love to sing? Assemble a choir online and use video conferencing tools to bring everyone together in harmony.

Don’t forget to mute people who are not performing at any one time to prevent too much background noise.

6. Virtual Cinema Night

There are several online tools that will help you watch TV shows or movies online together at the same time. Tools like Netflix Party will synchronize your playback, so you are watching the same thing at the same time. They even include a group chat.

You only need to worry about getting the popcorn.

7. Virtual Knitting Session

Knitting parties became all the rage back at the end of the last decade and there is no need for them to not continue online. In addition to being able to get together and gossip, you can also easily share patterns, online buying tips and watch videos about difficult techniques.

8. Online Games Night

Online gaming is bigger than ever so take advantage of the plethora of games available and organize a games night. Whether your game of choice is an online multiplayer, or you would rather recreate an online board game in a simulator there will be something for you.

Do You Have Some Virtual Events Ideas?

What ideas do you have for hosting a spectacular event online? If you have the imagination you can make most virtual events ideas a reality online. Why not start planning yours today?

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