What Is Agile? A Basic Guide

Did you know that 4 out of 5 responders in a recent survey of business and IT professionals are committed to implementing the agile process to their businesses this year? And of that 80%, over half are already working on it but know there is more to be done. 

If you’re curious about this unique iterative process, but you’re also secretly wondering just what is agile, then you’re in the right place. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about agile and how to implement it. 

What Is Agile and Scrum?

If you tackle several projects that need to completed routinely and repetitively then you could benefit from an agile framework such as scrum. 

The agile framework first hit the scene in the software industry on a snowy weekend in Alta, Utah at the turn of the 21st century. But, these days teams in every industry are harnessing the power of iterative sprints within the agile process. 

When these visionaries first met to discuss the state of software launches, they dared to buck the traditional method of long development phases and late delivery of products. In the agile method, your team will focus on shorter development sprints and frequent delivery of incremental launches.  

The agile process isn’t a set of rules you need to follow with clear roles and responsibilities. It’s more of a culture and mindset that needs to be instilled in our organization first. However, if you’re looking for a checklist and clear rules you’re looking for the scrum framework.

The scrum framework comes complete with roles and responsibilities as well as exact processes that need to be followed. The scrum team is made up of the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the Scrum team. The product owner determines which products or projects are prioritized in your backlog. 

They then assign a scrum master and scrum team to create the new product. The scrum master is more of a coach than a boss assisting the team in ensuring that the process is completed fully. Short sprints enable your team to focus solely on the project at hand. This allows them to deliver a working final product quickly and efficiently.

When you focus on creating an environment that is focused on a set of values and principles you’re well on your way to creating an agile environment.  

What Is an Agile Environment?

In order for you to successfully incorporate the agile or scrum framework, you need the right environment. Within an agile environment, the leadership team has intentionally built up a culture of collaboration with an emphasis on efficiency. 

This is what an agile environment is made of. The four pillars of the agile environment include: 

  1. People over processes
  2. A working prototype over emphasizing extreme documentation
  3. Collaboration over territorialism or contracts
  4. Being willing to adapt your plan due to new information

When you create a culture within your company that values these ideas over the way it’s always been done you will have success with the agile framework. Within an agile environment, everyone on your team is working towards a singular purpose, and that the working product. 

Whether you create software programs or apps or if you work in an entirely different industry, your team can benefit from adopting the agile framework. By creating a collaborative and agile culture within your organization you can give your team the advantage they need to lead your company to the front of your industry. 

What Is Agile Methodology?

Now that you know what agile is and how to create an environment in which your team can be successful, it’s time to start tackling your many projects. Project management can become more efficient and productive when tackled through the agile lens. 

You might find yourself asking “what is agile project management?” This is the method your team can use to start tackling the many projects in your backlog so you can actually start crossing them off your to-do list. 

Start launching those products you’ve been wanting to release and start reorganizing your content marketing calendar with the right tools. This is what the agile methodology is all about, getting more done in less time. 

Innovation and collaboration can become the new normal in your company when you provide your team with the right certification. To truly benefit the most from this methodology, providing the best agile certification gives your team the advantage over others trying to simply copy others in their field. 

Instead, be a leader within your industry and give your team the tools they need to tackle this new and exciting way of getting more done. You can impress your clients with working products faster and with better quality than ever before. 

Within the agile framework, top-down commanding CEO’s are a thing of the past. Today’s leadership style gives their team members more autonomy and the ability to get more done every day. You can do this for your team too by infusing your company with a more allied and interactive methodology. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Agile Today

Now, you no longer have to wonder what is agile. Now, you’re ready to start creating a new culture within your company that creates an era of innovation and collaboration. You’re ready to start empowering your team to put your company at the lead within your industry. 

With the right tools and education, your team can take your business to the next level you’ve always dream about. So, bookmark this article and come back as you work to incorporate the agile and scrum framework within your business environment. 

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