3 Payday Tools for Managing Remote Employees

According to the most recent estimates, 42% of the United States workforce now works remotely. Odds are, this number will only rise within the coming years.

Remote work can help your business save money on resources, rent, and more, making it a great option for smaller businesses. It also means that pay works a bit differently.

As such, you’ll likely need to create a paystub for each employee using a paycheck stub maker. While the process of finding the right template can be a challenge, we’ve listed three resources below to help you out, so keep reading!

1. Microsoft Excel

Okay, so Excel isn’t an out-and-out paystub generator. However, it does make managing employees’ hours an absolute breeze, especially if you save your employee info in a template.

You’ll want to start by creating your template with each employee’s name, their rate, gross wages, net pay, and hours worked. You can also create columns for things like backpay and taxes deducted.

Once your employee information is in the template, save the form as a .xlxs file. Now, all you’ll need to do is go in and make slight adjustments to things like the pay period.

Plus, having access to all of your employee info in one collection of files makes things so much easier come tax time.

2. PayStubs.net

PayStubs.net is, without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive and intuitive paycheck stub maker tools out there.

Though it isn’t free, costing employers around $8 per paystub, there are a few advantages that this tool offers that you won’t find elsewhere.

For instance, PayStubs.net features templates for each state. Employers with workers scattered across the U.S. know how frustrating it can be to work within each state’s specific needs. But now, all you have to do is choose from a simple dropdown menu and you’re good to go.

Another reason to bank on PayStubs.net is their money-back guarantee. Their site promises that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of your stub, you’ll get your money back no questions asked.

Finally, there’s the matter of security. With data breaches hitting companies left and right, it’s now more important than ever to keep your financial data secure. PayStubs.net promises safe, secure payments for each transaction.

3. Shopify

Shopify is one of the world’s most powerful E-commerce tools. If you’re running an online store, there’s a good chance that you’re already using the platform to power your online transactions.

What you might not know, however, is that Shopify’s best-kept secret is its pay stub template generator. For whatever reason, the feature is tucked away on the website, so if you’ve never heard about it, we can’t blame you.

Rest assured, it includes all the information fields you’ll need, including deductions, pay period adjustments, and more.

What’s more, the template is free to use, so you can create stub after stub. While it isn’t as robust as something like PayStubs.net, it should be sufficient for businesses with only a few employees.

Find a Paycheck Stub Maker That Works for You

Though these are far from the only paycheck stub maker programs out there, we can vouch for all three. Be sure to give them a shot next payday!

And for more updates on all things remote work, be sure to keep up with our blog, where we post new content all the time!