SEO Tip: Here’s What All the Marketing Experts Suggest

You’ve got so much to think about when getting your small business off the ground you don’t have time for fancy marketing tricks like SEO, right? Wrong!

Did you know that 53% of people search for goods and services online before making a purchase? Unless your SEO’s up to speed, they won’t be finding your company first.  

SEO’s a complicated and complex process, but you can master it by keeping one simple SEO tip in mind.

Marketing experts agree that the road to online success begins with the understanding that SEO isn’t just about rankings. 

Marketing’s About People

The bottom line is, search engines don’t support your business, people do. So, your aim with online marketing should be to give the people what they want. 

If your website provides the information people are looking for, they’re more discover your business during online searches without any fancy SEO tricks.  

When you post blog articles or social media content, try to give them the answers they’re looking for. You can use online forums like quora or tools like Answer the Public to help you with this. 

By typing one keyword into these tools, you’ll discover reams of questions asked by real people. These can help you formulate content that proves your company meets these needs. 

Writing content for people is one of the best SEO tips you can ever learn. 

SEO Extends Far Beyond the SERP

While you can formulate your content around these questions and keywords, even the best content will remain unread if your website lets you down.

People are too busy to sit around for longer than two seconds waiting for your page to load. They don’t have the patience to search your website for the information they need either.

Streamline your website so that it loads quickly and operates with user-friendly ease, guiding the viewer through each step of the sales funnel. 

It’s important to keep tabs on visitors to your website too. Monitoring and analyzing your SEO efforts will help you to guage what you’re doing wrong and right. 

An SEO Tip For Versatile Content

Backlinks and guest posts are the lifeblood of successful online marketing. These two factors help give your website credibility which in turn pushes it higher up the SERPs. 

Writing highly linkable content is one way to do this. Craft a few blog posts dealing with general topics that you can link to from anywhere on your site. If they’re engaging enough, you might find that other website owners will do the same.

Building backlinks and linkable content can be a complex process, so in this case, the best SEO advice is to hire local SEO services to help you get started.  

Back to Basics

By far the best SEO tip is to avoid fancy SEO hacks and tricks. Instead, focus on providing high quality, informative, and engaging content for your customers and enlist expert help when needed. 

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