Working For Each Other: How to Make a Living Helping People

If you’re wondering how to make a living that also has meaning to you, then there are plenty of career paths for you to follow.

Beyond just bringing home a paycheck, these jobs allow you to follow your passion and have an important impact on the people you interact with. 

Here are five careers that make a difference in the lives of others.

1. Find a Nonprofit Organization

Are you passionate about a specific cause? Whether it’s conservation, cancer research, or something else entirely, there’s likely a nonprofit organization that hones in on that issue. These organizations need people in all industries, in a diverse range of roles.

No matter whether you’re looking for a position in accounting, communications, or management, you can find the right fit for your passions and learn how to make a living with your skill set.

2. Social Worker

Social workers are responsible for helping people in need of assistance. They connect them with the resources these individuals or families need and also focus on improving their overall well-being. 

This career path allows you to make a direct impact on others’ lives as you help them navigate everything from unemployment to domestic violence issues.

3. Work in Healthcare

Not sure how to make a living in a way that feeds your soul? The healthcare field is full of opportunities to help and heal others. Depending on your particular interests, there are a variety of healthcare jobs that could work for you.

Beyond being a doctor or a nurse, you could also work as an audiologist, pharmacist, or physical therapist. 

There are also a variety of options that require different levels of education. Although certain paths, like becoming a surgeon, do require advanced schooling, not all do.

There are also options such as becoming a medical assistant or a certified nursing assistant that you can explore. These career paths allow you to still help others and make a difference in their lives.

4. Teacher or School Counselor 

If you’re passionate about working with youth, then becoming a teacher or school counselor can help you shape young minds. 

By choosing the right grade and a subject you love, you can find a fulfilling role as a teacher. Likewise, becoming a school counselor, which requires a master’s degree, can help you guide students on their way to becoming successful adults.

5. Life Coach

If you love working with others and offering advice that helps them realize their strengths, then life coaching could be a fruitful career path. 

Being a life coach means assisting others in reaching their professional and personal goals, showing them ways to reach their full potential.

If you’re not looking to leave your current job, life coaching is one of many side hustles that can help you feel like you’re making a difference.

How to Make a Living Meaningfully

When it comes to how to make a living, your job can be more than just a way to make money and pay the bills. There are a variety of different industries that can help you help others and make a difference in the world.

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