Crafting the Perfect Resume: 5 Resume Styles That Will Help Set You Apart

Did you know that it tends to take employers only 90 seconds to decide on whether they are going to hire a candidate or not? 

This means that it is imperative to set yourself apart early on in the application process. One of the best ways to demonstrate your unique skills and qualities is through your resume.

There are endless resume styles to choose from, so when you are formatting your resume, it is important to consider your skills and the particular job to which you are applying. 

Read on to discover five good resume styles that will set you apart on the job search scene.  

1. Targeted Resume

If you want to make yourself stand out from the very beginning, start by doing your research. Look into the company you are applying to and consider its goals so that you can adapt your resume to the particular position. 

This is a great way to demonstrate your interest and draw the company’s attention to the experience and skills you have that will help you excel as their newest addition. 

2. Resume with a Summary

If you want to emphasize your professional experience and goals, consider adding a summary to your resume. Write two to three sentences about the experience you have that will contribute to excelling in a new position, and also include what you hope to accomplish in the future. 

This format can be combined with various resume formats; stick the summary at the top of the page after your name and contact information. 

3. Chronological Resume

Chronological resumes are one of the resume format options recommended by recruiters because employers are familiar with the format, making it easy for them to follow. 

Write your name and contact information at the top of the page, and then start working chronologically. Begin with your most recent job experience and work backward. If your work experience is closely related to the job you are applying to, this resume format will help highlight your most relevant experience. 

4. Nontraditional Resume

Nontraditional resumes could include video resumes or written resumes that incorporate infographics, for example. This is one of the resume styles that will set you apart; however, it is important only to use it in the right context.  

If you are applying to a graphic design job, for example, you might want to add infographics to your resume to demonstrate your graphic design expertise. If you are applying to a more traditional job, however, you will probably want to stick with more common formats. 

5. Mini Resume

A mini resume is short and to the point. It highlights only your most important and relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. It can be printed on a business card, making it easy for recruiters to quickly identify what you can offer.

Mini resume format options vary, but regardless of the format, they are great for recruiting events because they are easy to hand out. They also make it easy for potential employers to identify your best qualities right away.   

Resume Styles Aplenty: Choosing the Right One for Your Goals

Resume styles are endless, so it is important to take a minute to consider the impression you want to make on a potential employer and the type of job in which you are interested. One thing that applies regardless is to make sure you always include your name and a way for the company to contact you. 

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