9 Benefits of Creating a Press Release for a New Business

Public relations are the lifeline of any growing organization. Leaving the public to form their own opinion of your company could quickly lead to disaster.

Don’t let online reviewers guide your public image. Take control by writing your own press release.

A press release for a new business is easy when you have the right tools in place. Here are 9 to use a press release for a new business. 

1. Gets Your Name Out There

New businesses are at an instant disadvantage. Unless you’ve had some unusual things happen as you were starting your business or are inventing something totally new that the public waiting on, you start a business isn’t news.

In fact, the chances of the media covering a story about you starting a business is pretty low. The media has an obligation to its readers to cover stories that pique their interest.

With so many companies launching every day, it would be impossible to write articles about all of them in a way that tells a good story.

So, what’s the point of writing a press release about your business launch if no one will cover it? The key is getting your name out there. 

This won’t be your last press release to this news outlet. The more times the journalist sees your name, the more familiar they’ll become with your brand.

As your story grows, you’ll have better press releases to write that have a stronger chance of getting picked up by a publication. 

2. Practice Storytelling

A good way to practice storytelling for your new business is to write press releases. The process is extremely intimidating but it helps you see your brand from the public’s perspective.

Why does it matter that you opened a dry cleaning business in your neighborhood? What’s relevant to everyone about your business?

Your answers will get better with time as you start the process of writing press releases for each milestone your business encounters. 

3. Partnership Exposure

A press release for a new business isn’t just for the media. Launching means more access to partnerships.

These partners can also receive your press release to learn more about what your company has to offer. Make sure your press release includes information on the demographics you serve.

This audience is the key to getting the attention of other organizations. If you have special relationships with the audience, be sure to let your potential partners know with a detailed explanation of your credibility. 

4. Reveals Your Credibility

A press release for a new business reveals its credibility by describing its resources. Let’s say you’re partnering with Barack Obama in the launch of your new business or your books are all personally approved by Oprah Winfrey.

These are selling points for your business that points to your high-level resources. These people are highly reputable and your company gains credibility by association. 

Mention these resources in the title of your press release if possible. You’ll get more attention from the press if you lead with your strongest point than if you bury it in the body of the document. 

5. Attracts Top Talent

A credible business attracts top talent. Make sure your press release is linkable to your social media channels where potential candidates frequent.

LinkedIn is a great place to distribute your press releases once your company account is active. LinkedIn attracts some of the top candidates in the world. 

They’ll note any job openings you have and read the press release you post to learn more about your brand. Make sure you a section on your page that describes your company culture.

The recruiting process is much easier when candidates know coming in what to expect. 

6. Get Noticed By Customers

Another important place to distribute your press release is through email. If you’ve already got an email list in play, you can alert new customers of your grand opening.

Many new businesses purchase mailing lists to help them get started. There are pros and cons to this method of marketing.

On one hand, you get a ready made list to promote your company. But on the other hand, many marketing lead companies sell old information which leads to a high bounce rate.

No matter the quality of your list, your press release can’t be your main follow up with your audience. Have regular messaging that reiterates the information included in your release.

With repetition, your company has a better shot of standing out from competitors. 

7. Boosts Professionalism

Sending out a press release for a new business is a sign of your professionalism. Press releases are most commonly sent out by public relations departments or agencies.

Smaller companies who distribute releases are showing their ability to compete even if they’re a small fish in a big pond. 

8. Free Marketing

Any stories picked up by the media about your business is free marketing. This includes both large and small publications.

Don’t shy away from community publications because many local residents receive free copies. Make sure you send your press releases to local newsletters first before national newsletters to increase your chances of having your story picked up. 

9. Redirect Negative Press

Not every business is wanted in every community. Give yourself a chance to redirect any negative press that might be coming your way. 

The best press release gives you chance to tell your own story so readers learn a different perspective about your relevance.

Writing a Press Release for a New Business

Make sure you write a press release for a new business after you’ve honed the product to perfection. There’s nothing worse than a grand opening for a business that doesn’t have its ducks in a row. 

Start with a soft launch to get feedback on your services so you’re prepared for potential success. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.