Microsoft 101: What Is SharePoint?

Out of everyone who is employed in the US, 62% of those people are currently working from home. Though this number has doubled since the pandemic hit, less than half of remote workers old and new report that they would prefer working in the office. 

Rumor has it that even once things go back to normal, more people will continue working from home than ever before. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all of the tools that can be used to facilitate the work of a distributed team.

SharePoint is one of those must-use tools when it comes to remote work, so we are going to tell you all about it. If you’re saying to yourself, “What is SharePoint,” you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all about what SharePoint is and how it will benefit you. 

What Is SharePoint?

So, “What is SharePoint?” SharePoint is a Cloud-based system; it allows companies to manage and organize all company-related information. Regardless of where your team is located and the device they are using, they will be able to access company content at all times.

SharePoint is a way to manage everything from marketing to finances and beyond. It keeps important company information in a centralized location that is easily accessible and that will keep your team up to date on everything that’s going on at the company. Using SharePoint is easy and intuitive.

Is SharePoint Secure?

SharePoint is a Microsoft program that integrates with Microsoft Office, so it answers to high security standards, meaning that your important company data will be securely maintained. SharePoint also allows you to determine who has access to the site, and you can even personalize the access individual employees have so that not everyone has access to everything. 

Does SharePoint Encourage Teamwork?

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform, so it encourages your team to work together. Team members will have access to shared documents, calendars, notebooks, and beyond; it even integrates with a plethora of different programs, making communication and teamwork effortless. It will save the lastest updates to documents so team members will always be current on what’s going on. 

Can SharePoint Automate Tasks?

SharePoint encourages increased consistency and efficiency, allowing your team to dedicate their time to more pressing tasks. If people in your company perform a similar task regularly, you can automate the steps. This makes it easier for team members to follow and carry out the task in the future.

Among other features, automation is a compelling aspect of SharePoint. If you want to hear more about a SharePoint success story, read more here.

SharePoint Is An Incomparable Office Resource 

To answer the question of “what is SharePoint?” simply, it is a program that creates a pseudo-office setting for remote workers, encouraging collaboration and efficiency. The benefits are incomparable. So now it’s time to take a moment to learn SharePoint and get the best out of your team.

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