5 Online Education Resources You Need To Know About

As a teacher, you must constantly expand your knowledge to ensure you don’t end up stagnating. But with the current medical crisis, it can be difficult to pick up something new. With everyone stuck in their homes, you might feel like it’s hopeless.

Don’t feel discouraged yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about the best online education resources around. That way, you’ll learn more things to improve your educational prowess. Read on and find out more:

1. Khan Academy

This is one of the pioneers of free education online, making it a household name when looking to learn more using the internet. But it carries this reputation that it’s only good for individuals like students struggling on some subjects. If you tried this out before, we encourage you to go back to it since it improved at unprecedented levels compared to a decade ago.

Khan Academy has more videos covering various subject areas to cater to various types of learners. But its unforeseen development made it evolve into something teachers can use to get a majority share of a subject’s lecture portion. It’s also helpful for teachers since it offers common core lessons in various courses, like:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language arts

The program used by Khan Academy developed in a way that teachers can give students lecture material at their convenience. This ensures a more individualized pace using the most comfortable setting for any learner. You and your students can watch instructional videos repeatedly and practice them using the internet.

With this program, you can track your progress and identify where you excel and need improvements. As an instructor, you get more free time to allocate to support and attend to individual students. This will make the most out of the teacher-student interaction, making it more meaningful.

2. MasterClass

Are you looking to get instructed by famous figures within a niche? If so, MasterClass is your best bet. It’s a website that offers online classes with instructors considered as some of the greatest minds in the world.

The site has classes covering a large variety of subjects. It ranges from cooking and chess to fashion design and comedy writing. Its layout is also intuitive, making it easier for you to search for the courses you desire.

You’ll find a lot of familiar and famous faces when you log into the website. What’s great is that you can take a course from any of them even whenever you desire.

It’s a great way to get yourself started in something you’ve always found interest in but never had the time to pursue. The brilliant and renowned minds on the website will become the best teachers you’ve ever had. 

Take note, Master Classes come with a cost. But the price is reasonable, especially when considering that you get instruction from the best people in your desired field. You can enroll in a class for $90, allowing you to learn at your pace regardless of your location and device used.

But if you plan to learn a lot, the $180 package allows you to take as many classes as you can for a year. The best part is that you can gift this to people who love learning. If you’re interested, they have a free trial offer to get things started.

3. Project Gutenberg

Do you plan to expand your knowledge of Classic Literature? Project Gutenberg is for you, especially since it’s free. This is one of the few free online educational resources to have 57,000 eBooks accessible for your convenience.

You can find everything here from cookbooks to biographies. There are even non-text files available in their collection. These range from simple audio files to actual sheet music.

This makes it the best hub for you if you’re into learning a variety of things. It’s also your best source if you’re looking to learn about the different arts in different cultures. You will likely find something to read the moment you look anything up in their catalogs.

Project Gutenberg’s focus is older bodies of work since its copyright already expired. Volunteers work on this website, with thousands of book lovers exerting efforts to proofread, digitize, and record books for the sake of education. It means you need not pay anything, but it’s always better to donate anything to fund the project.

The best part is that Project Gutenberg needs no special applications to use. If you’re one of the 62% of Google Chrome users in the world, it’s all you need. You can also volunteer if you’re passionate enough to give future generations access to classic books.

4. Coursera

This online resource allows you to take college courses without the hassles of college life. Remember, lots of universities offer complete college degree programs over the internet. But Coursera is one of the most refined outlets to get higher education.

Coursera has lots of offerings for online, pre-recorded video courses coming from some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. It has over 150 partners from 29 countries, bringing together a comprehensive list of courses and course bundles regardless of your chosen area of study.

Depending on your desired course, Coursera’s prices can range between $29 and $99. This includes pre-recorded video lectured, peer-reviewed assignments, and forums for community discussions. After completing a 4-6-week class, you get an electronic Course Certificate you can share.

Also, Coursera has full degree programs enabling you to study the same curriculum as real-world universities. It means you have access to professors and get the same credentials after graduating. All these while only paying for a fraction of the cost of an on-campus degree.

With Coursera, you have the perfect opportunity to enrich yourself. It’s especially when you excel in some areas or want to learn a certain field. It’s a must-have if you’re looking for online educational resources.

5. PBS Teachers

This resource is useful if you’re either a middle school or high school teacher. But for elementary teachers, worry not—PBS teachers offer some resources for this education level too. It has a search tool that allows you to find critical information for Common Core educational standards.

It has various educator and lesson guides, news articles, and other topics divided by subject and grade. With PBS Teachers, you get lots of free, intuitive productivity tools such as:

  • Puzzle Builder
  • Quiz Maker
  • StoryBoard

This is an essential tool nowadays since the pandemic encourages distance learning. With its help, your students won’t have a hard time understanding the lectures and modules you’re going through. It also makes it easier for you, as the teacher, to do your job thanks to its many features that allow for easy classroom engagement.

These tools enable you to design dynamic presentations using PBS videos, text, and other visual aids. But if you’re looking for selective exam preparation, check the linked website.

Use Online Education Resources Today!

These are some of the best online education resources you can find. Use this guide if you want to expand your knowledge and grow as a person and as an educator.

Of course, these aren’t the only tools at your fingertips. To discover even more, we invite you to continue reading through our library of career and education guides today!