These Are the Essential Steps of Video Production

Did you know that more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute? Whether you want to share a video of your dog chasing its tail or post a professional, 4K video, Youtube has storage space for everyone. 

But what if you want to shoot a great video and maybe make money from it? Have you ever wondered what are the steps of video production? Luckily, this article explains everything to you. Keep reading to learn how video production works, so you know how to become successful on Youtube and everywhere else.

Deciding the Scope of the Video

It all begins with the purpose of your video. Why do you want to shoot it? And what do you want to film? Do you know your target audience? How about the length of the video? These are all good questions to ask before shooting your video. 

Starting With Pre-Production

Once you have the basic details handled, it’s time to put everything together. Create a video script or a storyboard and follow it closely. Write down what happens at minute 2 in the video and how it ends. Your video script helps you stay organized and be more productive.

This is also the stage where you gather all the necessary materials such as cameras, lighting options, deciding upon the environment where the video will be shot, etc. If actors are needed for your video, this is when you hire them.

Shooting the Video

The third stage is probably the most time-consuming stages of video production, but also the most exciting. Now you shoot the actual video. It’s all raw and unedited because your purpose is to gather video materials to work with later.

Shooting a video can take hours, days, or even weeks. You need to set up different shooting scenarios, environments, and move around with all your equipment. Even a small, 5-minute video takes a lot of work, so remember to stay patient because this is part of the process.

Doing Post-Production

Once you have a lot of raw video material, it’s time to polish it a bit. Now you decide which parts of the video go into the final clip. You might want to work with a professional videographer to edit some of your recorded footage in a special computer program.

This is also where the soundtrack recorded while shooting the video gets synchronized with the images. You can add video effects, subtitles, and generally make your video as exciting and attractive as possible.

Marketing and Distributing the Video

Once you have a final product, it’s time to share it with the world. You can use different platforms to promote your video such as YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. Many people also share videos directly on their preferred social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. The more likes and shares you get, the better!

Now You Know the Steps of Video Production

As you can see, the steps of video production are well established right from the start. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional videographer, following these steps is paramount for the success of your video.

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