7 Cool Macbook Pro Features

Did you recently buy a MacBook and bid your Windows laptop adieu?

Then it is likely that you are experiencing the many benefits a Mac computer offers. But even if you already have your MacBook for quite some time, you may have yet to maximize its full potential.

Considering the amount of money that you spent on your MacBook, failing to experience all its features is a disaster. And if you think that you already know everything that the MacBook Pro has to offer, better think again.

Continue reading below as we discuss seven cool MacBook Pro features that you may not even be aware of.

1. Extending a Second Screen

Did you know that you can link your MacBook to another Apple device and make the latter as your second screen? The only requirement is that your MacBook must be running on macOS Catalina. 

If you have an iPad running on iPadOS 13, you can pull off this trick. First, connect your iPad to your MacBook via its charging cable. Alternatively, you can also connect via Bluetooth as long as your iPad and MacBook are within 10 meters from one another.

Also, make sure to log-in both devices to your iCloud. Thereafter, click the “AirPlay” menu at the top of your iPad’s screen. From there, select “iPad”, and you should see an extension of your Mac’s screen on your tablet’s display.

Additionally, you can mirror your MacBook screen on your iPad. To do this, go to the menu and click the new screen icon. From “Use as Separate Display,” switch accordingly to “Mirror Built-In Retina Display.”

2. Folders into Emojis

Did you know that you can turn a desktop folder into an emoji of your choice? This trick will help you differentiate many folders while making them look cooler.

To do this, go to your desktop and click “File” then “New Folder” to create a new one. Head on to Google and search for the emoji that you wish to use on the folder. It can be anything from a heart emoji to a smiley emoji.

After choosing an image, drag and drop it on your desktop. Open the image on Preview double-clicking it. From there, you will see a markup icon, which you can use to make the image transparent.

After clicking the markup icon, click the image’s background until a moving outline appears. Hit “Edit” then “Cut” to make it transparent.

Now, hit the markup icon anew then click and drag a box around the image. Hit edit then select all. Press Command + C then head back to the original folder you created. 

Right-click on the folder then select “Get Info.” You will see a screen pop up. Look for the blue folder icon then click on it. 

Complete the process by pressing Command + V to make turn the folder into an emoji.

3. Spotlight for Conversions

Is your work heavy on calculations and currency conversions? Then you can use your MacBook’s Spotlight to do these things. 

Head on to the top-left portion of the menu bar and hit the magnifying glass icon. This will open your MacBook’s Spotlight feature. Alternatively, you can press Command +Space bar.

To use Spotlight as a calculator, type the figures you want into the search bar. For example, you can type “303+645/5.” You will find the answer to the equation on the search result. 

Thereafter, copy and paste the answer anywhere you wish. 

If you need to convert currencies, type the amount you wish to convert on the search box. Make sure it comes with its corresponding currency symbol. The search results will pull up its conversion rates from different countries.

4. Unleashing the iMovie

Are you wondering what the best way is to edit videos using your MacBook? Then the best option is through the iMovie program. This is a built-in feature that is friendly to both experts and amateurs alike.

To launch it, go to your Applications folder and click the iMovie icon. From there, select the library where the item you wish to work on falls under. 

To create a new movie project, click “Create New” then hit “Select Movie.” This will give you a blank timeline that lets you start from scratch.

If you wish to add video clips to your new movie, go to your Libraries on the sidebar and select a file. Click and drag the file toward your project timeline. 

To learn more about iMovie, visit https://setapp.com/how-to/use-imovie-on-mac.

5. Sign PDFs

Another one of those cool MacBook Pro features is signing PDF forms. This feature works even if you don’t have a digital signature available. 

To do this, get a white piece of paper and sign it using a regular pen. Hold the paper next to your MacBook’s camera and let your laptop transform your signature into a digital one.

6. Type Using Your Voice

Do you find typing long reports? Then let your voice do all the typing through the Dictation feature. If you’re on Mac OS X, hit the function key twice then start speaking. 

Press the function key again to convert your dictation into text. Furthermore, you can explore the Enhanced Dedication feature. This allows you to access all the dictation features even if you’re offline. 

Moreover, it lets you edit while recording. It also provides live feedback.

7. Bypass Your Passwords 

Last but not least, your MacBook comes with a feature that lets you bypass and reset your passwords. This is most helpful in case you forgot your password. 

Shut down your MacBook then press and hold Command +R then press the power button. Don’t release the Command + R keys until the progress bar appears.

You will see this bar below the Apple logo. This will prompt the Recover Mode. From there, go to the menu bar then hit “Utilities” then “Terminal.”

Wait for a window to pop up then type “resetpassword” without the quotes and space. Click “Return” then close the Terminal windows.

You will then find the Reset Password Tool where you can change your password to a new one.

Learning Beyond Cool MacBook Pro Features

Learning these cool MacBook Pro features will help you do more things in style. It will help maximize your laptop and unleash its full potential. But there are other important things you need to learn as a Mac user.

Check out our other blog posts where we discuss different topics about Mac computers. We provide tips that will ensure your Mac’s topnotch performance, safety, and security.