Study From Home: 3 Tips for Pursuing a Degree Online

Covid-19 canceled schools all across the country, including colleges and universities. This fall semester, 8% of colleges are keeping their classes completely online, including Harvard.

So if you’re planning on pursuing a degree, either as a new student or a returning one, you’ll likely have some, if not all, of your classes online this fall.

Learning in an online environment is drastically different than showing up for lecture halls. Here are some tips to help you get through it.

Don’t Work Alone

You can get anything from an art degree to journalism to finance. You can even a healthcare management degree online. But you shouldn’t try to do it alone.

If you can, find another online student in your area and set up study sessions. This will help keep you motivated and accountable for your work. Plus your study buddy might be able to help clarify other areas of your lessons you’re struggling with.

If you can’t find another local student, make connections with the other students in your class. Get involved in group discussions, and consider connecting with other students 1 on 1.

Even if none of that works, get your friends and family on board. Ask them to encourage you through your classes, ask questions, and leave you alone when you need to study. The more people supporting you, the more likely you are to succeed in your classes.

Remember Your Why

Anytime you tackle something challenging, including pursuing a degree online, you’ll want to quit. When that happens, you need a strong why.

Why are you pursuing this degree? Who do you want to help? How will this degree improve your life?

Here are a few ideas to help you remember that.

Create a vision board. Fill it with pictures that remind you why you started. Maybe it’s a mentor or your family or kids.

Write a letter for when times get tough. When you start the semester full of motivation, write a letter to future you. Remind yourself of everything you’re excited about the course, and what it will mean to you.

Get a mock diploma and hang it on the wall. Tell yourself you need to keep going so you can replace it with the real thing.

Plan Your Study Times

Studies show you’re more likely to accomplish something if you plan out specifically when that thing will happen.

Don’t just plan something like, “I’ll work through my course lessons on Monday.” Get as specific as possible. “On Monday after work, I’m going to go to the coffee shop on Second Street and get my favorite mocha. I’ll work on my Health Science Course for three hours until I need to pick up Emma from ballet.”

The more specific your plans, the more likely you are to follow through with them.

Pursuing a Degree Online Is a Smart Choice

Pursuing a degree is a challenge no matter where you are. But online classes have a lot of perks that traditional schooling doesn’t. You can take your classes anywhere, whenever works best with your hectic schedule.

And in the wake of a pandemic, you know you’re safer taking your classes exclusively online. These tips will help you get the most out of your classes.

Whether you’re taking an online course or working from home, we have solutions to make your life easier. Keep exploring for more expert solutions to all your work-from-home problems.