Couples Massage Etiquette 101

If you’re new to the world of couples massage, you may have a few questions.

While the most important aspect is to completely unwind and enjoy some downtime with your other half, what can you expect from this experience?

First-things-first, couples massage etiquette is a real thing.

Here are a few simple things to remember to avoid turning your experience into an awkward one!

What You Need To Know About Couples Massage Etiquette

The point of a couples massage is to kick back, relax and bond with your partner through this pamper session.

Once the session is over, this is where couples may want to take things into their own hands. After all, the mood has been set and tension has melted away.

What’s important to remember is that you’re not actually alone, there are massage therapists on the other side of the door.

Here are a few etiquette tips for ensuring your couples massage is both a pleasant and professional experience for everyone involved:

1. Agree on the Gender of Your Massage Therapist

Before you book your massage session, it’s important to discuss with your partner who you’d feel more comfortable with as your massagers.

As a female, would you feel comfortable with a male massager and vice versa for your partner?

Agree on whether you’d prefer the same gender or opposite gender giving you a massage and potential awkwardness will be banished, right off the bat.

Make sure you let the spa know your preferences when making your booking to ensure they have the massage staff available.

2. To Go Au Naturel or Not

When you receive a full body massage you have the option of wearing underwear or going completely au naturel i.e. naked.

If your relationship is relatively new and you haven’t seen one another in the buff as yet, this could lead to yet another awkward scenario!

Before you head in to undress for your massage, discuss with your partner whether you’re going the au naturel route or not.

Let your massage therapist know what you prefer – as professionals, their aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

3. Point Out No-Go Areas Before Your Massage

Maybe you’re ticklish in certain areas or have highly sensitive feet? Whatever it is, make sure to point this out to your massage therapist beforehand.

Nothing can ruin a relaxing couples massage like squirming in discomfort because you didn’t speak up before the massage began.

In order to ensure your experience is as relaxing as possible, point out these no-fly zones and then make it your mission to switch off and unwind.

4. Extend the Fantasy and Book a Room

Now, more often than not, couples may feel the urge to connect on another level, post-treatment.

This is only natural. The mood lighting, the release of feel-good hormones which boost intimacy and affection levels can do that any couple.

A great way to extend the fantasy is to book a room at the hotel or establishment your treatment is at, if possible.

This way, you can simply thank your massage therapists for a wonderful session and quickly move on to the privacy of your space.

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