7 Hipster Business Ideas for Trendy Neighborhoods

If you live in a trendy or up-and-coming neighborhood and are interesting in starting a business, here are 7 hipster business ideas that will be sure to cater to this swanky crowd.

You can’t have too many of some of these. So even if there’s another similar business right around the corner, add your own twist, and you’ll be bringing in the bucks in no time.

1. Coffee

You can’t go wrong with a coffee house that displays local art and serves both specialty hot and cold locally-roasted brews. If you add pastries from a local bakery and evenings with open-mics or slam poetry, the place will be packed in no time. Better yet, if the shelves are lined with used books for sale, or maybe plants, you’ll have regulars buying coffee here every day.

2. Beer and Bowling

Hipsters love bowling shirts and bowling shoes, and they also love bowling. Combine that with hand-crafted microbrews, or perhaps whiskey, and you’re set. All you need are maybe two or three lanes to make the place seem exclusive, and you might want to add a pool table and foosball. Most important for this hipster establishment is the alcohol. A selection of craft beers that are locally brewed is a must, unless you go in the direction of a whiskey bar, which is becoming all the rage right now.

3. Artisan Donut Shop

Hipsters don’t count calories. They want specialty donuts that they can buy at 1 AM, even if they have to wait in line for one donut. If donuts aren’t your thing, then any specialty bake shop will do, such as cupcakes or cookies. Or you can even sell artisan ice cream with flavors like Blood Orange Daydream, Goat Cheese Whiskey Fig or Baklava.

4. Fair Trade Yarn Store

Where do you think hipsters get their slouchy beanies? They make them of course. Hipster men and women alike are getting into knitting and crocheting, and they want their yarn fair trade from alpaca and llama farms in South America.

5. Gentleman’s Barber Shop

Hipsters have well-oiled and manicured beards and coiffed hair, and it’s not easy maintaining that style. Barbershops that cater to the hipster gentleman must serve hand-crafted beer and cigars and not allow women or children.

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6. Vintage Records and Music

A hipster business should take into account the hipster lifestyle and not just hipster food and attire. Hipsters have record collections, often vintage, and many play or just collect interesting instruments. You could call the store “Ukes and Vinyl”.

7. Food Truck

The opportunities here are endless, and a food truck is a far less expensive option than opening a full-blown restaurant. You can’t go wrong with specialty burgers or grilled cheese, or go retro with hot dogs on a stick. One idea is a pie food truck, serving individual-sized sweet and savory pies. You can call it Three Point One Four. Just be sure that you offer both vegan and gluten-free options.

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