10 Modern Bedroom Ideas For Apartment Living

Do you want a beautiful apartment bedroom? You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to have an incredible bedroom!

There are several modern bedroom designs that anyone can design. Using the right wall paint, bedding and furniture can make a simple bedroom into an extravagant one.

This definitely applies to apartment bedrooms.

Most apartment residents think they’re limited to bedroom design. Maybe they can’t paint the walls or maybe the room is too small for a lot of furniture. But these limitations shouldn’t stop you from decorating your apartment bedroom.

Here are 10 modern bedroom ideas for your apartment bedroom.

1. Spruce Up Bare Walls

Does your apartment complex have restrictions when painting your walls? This is common amongst several apartment buildings. When you see a blank white or concrete wall, you probably become discouraged when decorating your room.

But the blank and boring walls can be the centerpiece of an exquisite bedroom.

The key style trend in modern bedroom ideas is minimalism. This trend uses subtle decorative pieces to make a room look extravagant.

So leave those walls blank. Accent your room with decorative pieces such as rugs, vases, bedding, artwork, and furniture.

2. Bright Colors

Do you prefer bright colors? Many people are afraid of using bright colors in the bedroom. If done incorrectly, it looks like overkill. But there are bright color tips even an amateur can pull off.

First and foremost, be smart about using intense hues. If your walls, furniture and decor are all neon shades, your room can look loud. Blank walls can blend these colors together.

Or, you can color your walls in bright colors and use neutral furniture or bedding.

3. Artistry

Are you looking for a simple way to spice up your bedroom? Use modern bedroom ideas and invest in amazing wall art and unique furniture pieces.

These items are made by artists — either hand drew or built by hand. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind work of art and you’re supporting the local art community.

A blank wall is a perfect canvas for wall art and striking furniture. A unique furniture piece will look amazing on a blank wall. Blank walls are also the perfect medium for photography so the walls won’t take away from the artistry.

4. Neutral Colors

Do neutrals seem boring? Maybe the wild and crazy people may think so. But you can use neutral colors to make your bedroom pop.

Neutrals are perfect when incorporating pattern. Intricate wallpaper and unique bed sheets are perfectly paired with shades of brown and beige.

If you want neutrals with a splash of color, green and pink look amazing with neutrals. A potted plant of a vase filled with flowers compliments any neutral bedroom.

And there’s nothing wrong with hotel room style: using beiges in a classic way, so your room looks simple and extravagant. This includes tan walls, cream bedding, and minimalist d?cor.

5. Rustic

Rustic is all the rage now. This cottage-inspired d?cor combines the best of wood, minimalist decor and neutrals. The rustic look gives any bedroom a cozy appearance with eye-catching d?cor.

Are you a handyman or woman? Get creative and design your own furniture. DIY wooden dressers and TV stands match the rustic look. You’ll save money and can create a piece that will fill you with pride.

If you’re not a handyman or woman, wood is where it’s at.

Dressers, bed headboards, and flooring are perfect wooden furniture pieces. Even wooden platform beds offer a combination of sturdiness and style. Check out The 10 Best Platform Beds for 2018.

6. Sleek and Stylish

Being in-style doesn’t require a lot of crazy artistry or unique pieces. Oftentimes, sleek furniture is the most luxurious. Contemporary modern bedroom ideas that boost luxury are often serene.

For that penthouse look, mix lots of clean neutrals with a splash of color. This includes colored wall accents with gray furniture. Or colorful d?cor with white furniture.

Symmetry is also important for a luxurious bedroom. The bed pairs in perfect symmetry with the dressers and the nightstand are perfectly aligned with the furniture.

7. Stone

You would never think stone works in a bedroom, but so many people want to bring the medieval look into their bedroom. If you don’t want your room to look like a dungeon, there are ways to make stones look luxurious.

Use stone wall accents throughout your bedroom. Neutral or light-colored stone walls gives your bedroom a calming yet unique look.

Pairing simple bedding with eye-catching stone walls will make your bedroom look luxurious. And who knew stone walls go so well with hardwood flooring?

8. Lighting

You may be overwhelmed by bedding designs and matching colors, but most bedroom designers forget about one important bedroom design factor: lighting.

Whether you’re using lighting for decorative or practical reasons, lighting is an important quality of an incredible bedroom.

If you love bright lights, ambient lights will flood your room with light. If you prefer low-lighting, use accent lights throughout your room. You can even use eco-friendly lighting in your room.

9. Blue

Every year, specific colors are trending. In 2018, that color is blue. Blue is handy for any bedroom; it’s a versatile color that fits a wide range of styles.

Beach and ocean lovers will rejoice this year: the ocean style is trending.

Get all beached out and decorate your room with beach-themed accents such as furniture, bed sheets, and wall art. For the minimalist person, use various shades of blue for your bedding accents and wallpaper.

10. Pink

For the girlier designers, pink is all the rage this year.

Don’t feel ashamed to run to the paint shop and pick up buckets of pink paint. Even if you don’t plan on creating Barbie’s dream bedroom, there are ways to beautifully integrate pink into your bedroom.

Floral designs are some of the most popular fashion items this year. Find pink rose wall patterns or artwork. Or, have a vase filled with some beautiful pink blossoms.

You can also find a lovely pink comforter and matching pillows. Even a jar filled with pink candy will add a feminine touch.

Design the Best Bedroom with These Modern Bedroom Ideas

There are several important aspects to an incredible bedroom. The perfect furniture, d?cor, color scheme, and lighting comes into play. There are plenty of 2018 trends that can create fabulous bedroom ideas.

Regardless of your style, 2018 offers so much versatility for any style bedroom in an apartment.

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