How To Network In NYC Like A Boss

networking in NYC

If you’re looking to grow your career and make connections with people who will help you do that, then networking is a must. Networking in NYC is a great opportunity to meet all kinds of people who can help you pursue your passion.

But reaching out and speaking with people isn’t the easiest, especially in a huge, overwhelming city like New York. Keep reading to learn some tips to help you network in NYC like a boss.

1. Go to Events

This might be the most obvious networking tip, but it’s the most important one.

In order to network, you have to put yourself out there. Go to networking events. Go to parties. Go to work retreats. Try talking with people at conferences or meet-up groups.

The events you go to don’t always have to be the classic networking luncheons either. You can network at any event or group you’re a part of as long as you are speaking to the people around you with passion and dedication.

If you aren’t one for classic networking events, try going to other meet-ups or parties. Wellvyl is a social club that will help redefine your idea of networking: with Wellvyl, you can network at a party, a yoga class, or even at a shuffleboard league.

Do whatever you can to get yourself out there.

2. Have Real Conversations

It can be easy to launch into a pitch of yourself and your career as soon as you start talking to someone.

This can seem overbearing and disingenuine. When networking in NYC, focus on having real, genuine conversations with people. Speak about what you’re passionate about, and allow the other person to listen and respond.

Don’t take over the entire conversation either. Let the other person, who is also attempting to network, speak freely.

Don’t forget to have some fun! It can be easy to get caught up in the serious, business side of networking and forget to laugh and smile during these types of conversations. Allowing yourself to smile and enjoy the experience will help you network more successfully.

3. Start With People You Know… and Then Branch Out

New York is a huge city, filled with over 8.5 million people.

That’s a lot of potential connections. Start off by speaking with friends and acquaintances to narrow down your networking pool. From there, they can introduce you to their friends, co-workers, etc. to help you branch out.

Speaking with your friend’s connections and attending events will help you meet more people outside of your regular circle of connections.

4. Follow Up

After you speak with someone, it’s crucial that you follow up with them later. You could have a great conversation with an amazing new connection, but this means nothing if they don’t remember you.

Send a follow-up e-mail or LinkedIn connection after you speak in order to cement your name and your conversation in their mind. You should also maintain contact with any networking connections you have to help keep you fresh in their minds.

This will help you maintain both new and old connections.

Networking in NYC: Wrapping Up

Networking is a great way to further your career and make connections for life. It can be hard, but the benefits of networking far outweigh the risk you take putting yourself out there.

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