How to Throw a Great Super Bowl Party

Throwing a Super Bowl party this year? Why not make it the best one ever?

It may seem like a simple task: grab some chips and dip, beer, and you’re ready to go. But in reality, there is quite a lot of planning that goes into throwing a successful Super Bowl bash.

And with all of the excitement, it’s very easy to forget about the seemingly small details that will make all the difference. But fear not!

Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know to prepare for the big day. Let’s get started!

Make a Super Bowl Party Plan for the Kids

If you or some of your friends and family have children, don’t just assume that they’ll gladly and quietly sit through the big game. Be realistic about your child’s attention span depending on their age.

The reality is that most kids will get bored sitting through an entire sports game. So, either find child care for the kids during the game or make sure that you have planned activities for them.

Make Sure You Have a Big Screen for Viewing

Even if you’re throwing a relatively small viewing party, you’ll still want a big screen. Make sure that you’ve invested in a large screen TV or a pull-down screen with a projector.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, and your guests won’t want to strain their eyes to see the details of every play!

Load up on Snacks

A Super Bowl Party is not a time to skimp on snacks. So pull out that dusty slow cooker and get cookin’!

Not sure what to make? Here’s a list of classic super bowl snacks that your guests will love:

  • Chili
  • Nachos
  • Wings
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Sliders
  • Soft pretzels
  • Guacamole and corn chips
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Corndogs
  • Pizza

Even though these are quick and easy treats, if you don’t feel like you can bring yourself to step into the kitchen- order out!

Just make sure that you put in an order with your restaurant of choice way ahead of time.

The Super Bowl is a busy day to pick up food to-go and some restaurants accept orders weeks in advance. Last minute food shopping is not an option, so make sure that you have a plan!

Provide a Variety of Drinks

With all the delicious snacks your guests will be enjoying, chances are that they’ll want a beverage or two to go with them. But don’t just stock up on light beer!

Make sure you get a large variety of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) so that everyone can find something that they like. Make a mini-bar with soft drinks and liquor, display a cooler with beer and cider, and buy a couple bottles of wine to round things off.

And hopefully, your guests will be kind enough to bring some festive contributions!

Ensure That Your Home Is Accessible

Do you live in a house? Apartment? Something in between?

Wherever you call home, make sure that it is easy to get to, and easy to get inside. This means that your house number is clearly displayed and that your door is either unlocked or that you’re in earshot of knocks or doorbell rings.

This is especially important if you are inviting new acquaintances or friends-of-friends. Send out texts earlier in the day to these people with crystal clear directions for peace of mind.

Plan Ahead for Trash Removal (And Don’t Forget to Recycle)

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, you’re going to accumulate quite a bit of refuse. And chances are that it will be much more than you think.

Make sure that you are loaded up with trash bags for this event. It’s also a good call to have a trash can next to or near your food table so that guests can dispose of unwanted items without having to traipse to the kitchen.

That being said, you also don’t want to forget about recycling! Because it does make a difference for our planet.

Place a bin next to your bar or snacks table with a sign on it so that people know where to place their cans and bottles. This separation will also make refuse removal much easier!

And if you don’t want to be changing your trash bags what feels like a million times during the game, try this trick. Pre-line the bins with multiple bags. This way, you can peel away a layer as needed and the next bag will already be there waiting.

Little tricks like that can save you tons of time and hassle so that you can get back to rooting for your team!

Don’t Forget to Equip Your Restrooms

Speaking of being prepared, don’t forget to arm your restrooms with everything your guests may need. This means tons of toilet paper, hand soap, cloth or paper towels, tissues, and air freshener.

Want to take it up a notch to make your Super Bowl party unforgettable?

Equip your restrooms with radios so that your guests can stay updated whilst using the facilities.

Also, make sure that you have at least two restrooms easily available to your guests. This will make everyone more comfortable!

Ante Up at Your Super Bowl Party

What’s a Super Bowl party without some friendly betting? Check out professional sports handicapping services to find the NFL best bets, or keep it more casual.

Making bets about who will spill their drink first, or who will first accuse a ref of making a bad call will make the evening fun and light. Get creative with your bets and take them off of the field! And better yet, put some fun and crazy prizes on the line as well.

Have Fun!

Now that you have some top tips for getting super prepared for your Super Bowl party, all that’s left to do is have fun! Just remember to get plenty of snacks, drinks, and to plan ahead for child care and refuse removal.

Your guests will surely appreciate all of your efforts. And your night will be so smooth that you won’t even realize you’re the host!

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