Popular Gym Apparel for Women

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to spend more time in the gym, you want to take a peek at your workout wardrobe. Pretty and functional does exist!

Whether you’re working out at home or fitting in some time at the gym, there are loads of options for gym apparel on the market. Even if you’re planning to update your work from home wardrobe, take a look at some of the hottest gym apparel providers below:


Lululemon is a staple for any hard-core yogi or runner. Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson, the brand started up sharing their retail space with a yoga studio. Up until the late 90’s, a lot of workout clothing was made of cotton.

Wilson focused on creating pieces with more technical fabric. Lululemon’s signature fabric is Luon. It’s made to be breathable but also has the stretch to make four-way movement possible.

The brand has expanded far beyond just yoga. They now offer pieces for running, outdoor sports, and even loungewear. Lululemon fanatics swear by their clothing for its wonderful fit and durability, despite the higher prices.


Fabletics was started by the actress Kate Hudson in 2013. It’s a subscription-style clothing service that carries workout clothes. Members receive significant discounts on clothes and are encouraged to choose an outfit per month.

The outfits can include two or three pieces, leggings, bras, tops, jackets, and more. Most of the clothing is brightly colored and some of it is a bit edgy, based on cuts and cut-outs.

The subscription model makes the gym apparel affordable, and the quality is still fairly high. Fabletics is a great solution for people who workout consistently and are looking for constant updates on their workout wardrobe.


Lucy Activewear started as an online-only brand in the late ’90s by former Nike executives. In the early 2000’s they expanded into retail. They’ve been focused on creating activewear exclusively for women.

They are probably best known for their “core pant”, a high-rise pant in flexible “Lucy Powermax” fabric designed to help you focus on your core during yoga class.

Lucy was recently acquired by North Face, however, some of their pieces are still available online and in retailers like REI.


Danskin has been in business for over 100 years. They began as an outfitter for ballerinas in New York City, selling leotards, tights, and tutus.

Fast forward a century and the company continues to sell fashionable dancewear. They’ve also added an active wear and casual clothing line. Their clothing is made of smoothing-compression fabrics, and some that have anti-microbial properties, or even UV protection.

Their clothing lines are broken down into five collections based on exercise type. Whether you’re looking to get back to a barre class or training for a triathlon, you can find something at Danskin.


Athleta is lifestyle and fitness brand created by the Gap Company. Their clothing is designed for and by women that lead an active lifestyle.

Their clothing line features their unique fabric (similar to all of the other brands) called Sculptek, to help compress while encouraging movement. In 2016, Athleta launched Athleta Girl, focused on activewear for “the next generation.”

As an extension of the GAP brands, the good news is that Banana Republic, Old Navy, or the Gap credit card holders can often apply their discounts to Athleta clothing.

Title Nine

Title Nine is your typical Silicon Valley success story. Started out of a garage in 1989, Title Nine was founded by a small group of ruggers, runners, and athletes. The company started out by sending catalogs and grew from there.

The company is best known for their sports bras, featuring both a “Bra Genie Style Selector” and a “Bra Fit Calculator.” They have a unique bra rating system that goes from bras for A/B cups and low impact sports, to bras that support DDD+ cups in high impact activities.

Now with 20+ stores, Title Nine continues to sell high-quality athletic wear to any type of sports enthusiast, from surfers, to rock climbers to runners.

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Old Navy

Old Navy sells more than just women’s gym apparel. However, if you’re just getting back to the gym and are looking for some basic, inexpensive started pieces, Old Navy is the place to go.

They offer everything from yoga pants to running shorts to light jackets. Most of the pieces in their activewear collection are less than $30. Pieces frequently re on sale, for up to 70% of.

Even though their items are inexpensive, they still fit well and last a relatively long time. If you’re unsure as to what type of sport or activity you want to do, or just don’t want to spend a lot, Old Navy is a great option.

Rumi X

Rumi X is a newcomer to the women’s gym apparel market. They were founded in 2015 by a former yoga instructor who was concerned about the environment.

Each pair of Rumi X leggings contains sixteen plastic recycled bottles. Every piece of clothing comes with a mantra from the famous poet Rumi.

They’re best known for their leggings, each of which features a Rumi quote. Their “Seek” leggings have the following Rumi inspiration, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Their clothing covers everything from spin class to yoga class and features fabrics that are moisture-wicking and provide odor control.


Beloforte is activewear with a social mission. Each piece of clothing is sewn locally. Similar to Rumi X, the fabrics are made of recovered recyclables. Fabrics are sourced from local Southern California mills and assembled in Los Angeles.

Their clothing takes on more of a cutting-edge style. Their Bootybreak leggings feature a mesh break just below the booty and faux stretch leather knee paneling that looks cool and provides extra support.

Popular Women’s Gym Apparel – Choices for Every Woman

Regardless of your level of experience, type of sports activity, or body type, there are plenty of gym apparel options available.

Even if you’re planning to just be “on the scene” in the gym, there are many collections that can help to take your fashion sense from the street to the studio.

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