Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Adult Business

adult businessThe great thing about an adult business is that it’s a very specific niche, the bad thing about that same business is that it’s a very specific niche. You’ve got to know where and how to market your business geared for adults who love pleasure.

Even if you don’t have a huge budget and a lot of resources, you can still capitalize on many free forms of advertising and connect with your audience. It’s time to get creative and use what already exists.

While it can be difficult to get shares, likes, and retweets on certain adult topics, it isn’t im[ossible. Some people are just shy about publicly liking what they fantasize about in their bedrooms.

One thing is for sure, sex sells. And when it comes to marketing, featuring said sex in a provocative yet tasteful way is your best bet. We’ve done the research, here are ten tips to help you get on your adult way:

1. Start With Tumblr

Tumbly is perhaps the most adult friend of all of the social forums. Tumbly is a great place for your adult business. With Tumblr, you can post all the videos, photos, and detailed descriptions you’d like.

Enough people on Tumblr have anonymous profiles and they will willingly share, like, and repost erotic content that they enjoy. People these days are using Tumblr accounts to discreetly look at porn.

If you’ve got an adult service, it’s the best place to start. Want to garner more clients for your business in Europe like LOveSita Escort Paris 15? No problem. Create a French profile and post all of the videos and photos of the beautiful women your business has to offer.

2. Know Your Audience

Depending on how specific your adult business is, you’ve got to know exactly what turns your clientele on. That way you can put content out there that is going to speak to them.

You need to know what appeals to them so you can keep them coming back for more. Never underestimate the power of simply knowing your audience. It will make it much easier for you to create attention-grabbing, eye-popping marketing a and advertising material that will work.

3. Use Humor in Your Adult Business

Especially for products that seem especially advanced, specific, or naughty. Just use humor. Use comics and animation to lighten up the mood surrounding your BDSM products or other adult stimulating toys.

Be careful with this one though, and only post content that isn’t offensive and can be seen as cute for the audience that is afraid to go where they want to. Go with the “look how cute this bunny is, now come buy the bunny vibrator” approach.

4. Give It Away

Well, not all of it. But at least do giveaways. Potential clients and customers love the ability to win something. They love free gifts. Give items away that your audience will want and enter for.

This not only builds brand awareness, it’ll turn shoppers into loyal customers. Giveaways are also extremely shareable on social media, which will get your adult business name in the face of more people.

5. Milk It

Social media is free marketing. It’s time to capitalize on this. You can even consider creating a sort of publicity stunt, like something a Kardashian would do.

Do whatever you need to do to grab attention for your brand name. You can do so freely by using Instagram, Twitter, or SnapChat. You can even pretend your adult business won an award, and plaster your fake certificate all over your social media accounts.

Trust me, this works. People buy into what they read online. Unfortunately, they see it as fact.

6. Photo Op

When it comes an adult business, it is truly all about the photos. To create a fantastic marketing campaign, you’ve got to have fantastic photos of your products, your escorts, or your services.

People buy from websites that look professional with products that seem to be shining. This is all doable through professional photography. Never underestimate the power of a great photo of an average looking human.

7. Link It

Whatever you put out there, make sure it backlinks to you. This is incredibly important. If someone is perusing your social media but doesn’t know how to find you, they’ll never be able to buy your services.

Put links on every inch of content you release onto the web. Make the content useful and entertaining, and create a sort of trap that always get them back to your website or homepage.

8. Engage

Encourage your following or clientele to engage with you. Encourage them to ask questions about adult business, and always, always respond.

Ask them to leave reviews about what or who they liked. Engaging with your audience makes them feel like you care about how they feel or what their experience was like. This makes all the difference in a business who can keep customers for years to come, and those who can’t.

9. Market Your Privacy

Many people do not want to admit openly what they enjoying buying when it comes to sex, or anything adult related. They want total privacy and discreet services. They want this for a plethora of reasons, not all of which are respectable.

However, if you can market your adult business in a way that makes you seem like the epitome of class and privacy, you’re going to get a lot more customers. People need to feel they can trust you.

10. Hire SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do wonders for your business. Whether you want to fork out the extra dough to get your site in a better ranking position on Google or not, just do it.

It’s going to make your business more visible and will boost your revenue tenfold. SEO is everything in 2018. So just do it.

Hard Adulting

Adulting is hard, and taking care of an adult business is even harder. When it comes to doing what is best for your business, follow these ten tips.

You’ll get more clients and you’ll keep them for longer periods of time. For more tips, tricks, and advice on how to jumpstart your business, learn more here.