How to Monetize Your Wellness Blog

With the wellness industry on the uprise both online and offline, your blog should have no problem finding a place in the blogosphere.

Once you’ve started to gain momentum with your writing (finding an audience and increasing readership), it’s time to think about the money aspect of your wellness blog. You need to earn a living somehow, right?

But exactly how much can bloggers make?

To be frank, it depends. But don’t worry, we’ll go over all those details you’ll need to know so you can start generating cash.

Ready to find how to monetize your blog?

Let’s get into it!

Display Ads on Your Wellness Blog

Whether you’re a beginner or have been in the game for a while, blogs can always benefit from ads. Using a service like Google Adsense, you have control over the kinds of ads visitors see.

You choose the type of ad you want, pick a place for it to live on your site, and then advertisers will bid for that space. When that ad is either seen or clicked on, you’ll receive a paycheck.

To increase the amount of money earned, it’s best to place ads where traffic is heaviest. For example, if an ad was about the types of vasectomy procedures, it’s a great option to display it on the homepage.

It’s important to remember to keep working on your wellness blog. Bidders want their products or services shown to a large audience. Those with a smaller readership won’t earn as much.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marking means that you refer your readers to a specific business.

Let’s say you’re writing an article about vitamins. You love a specific brand, so you mention them in your post. If that brand has an affiliate marketing program, every time a reader buys a bottle of those vitamins from your article, you get a commission.

People online are always on the hunt for the best products. You’re an authority in your niche, so why not refer them to products you love and use daily?

Just be sure to check if there’s a requirement. Some programs require you to make a certain amount of commission monthly or else your partnership will be terminated. It’s best to start implementing this type of monetization when you’ve built a strong readership.

Write Sponsored Content

Working with brands is a great way to develop your portfolio. Many brands want to collaborate with bloggers to promote a new product or just get the word out about their business.

While most businesses expect this work to be free, you need to charge what you’re worth. Blogging is more than writing. It’s about the time and effort spent making your wellness blog successful.

In exchange for your time and effort, brands will pay you money along with a free sample or trial of their product or service. This allows you to write an honest post to share with your readers.

Wrapping Up

You can make money blogging more than one way. It’s all about knowing what suits your blog and to seek out those opportunities.

The quickest way to start making money is to know you’re on the right blogging platform. Check out our thorough guide today!