How to Successfully Start Your Own Recovery Blog

Recovery is one of the most difficult things a person will undergo in their lifetime. It takes hard work, dedication, and patience to make it past the roadblocks of addiction.

And for those who have overcome the odds, nothing is more rewarding than sharing their journey with the world. A recovery blog can be an open, honest place for addicts to find solace.

And if a blog is popular enough, it may even help bring in a little bit of extra cash!

Interested in starting a blog? Here are some useful tips to help jump-start the process.

A Recovery Blog Needs To Tell A Story

People love stories and narratives. But when they hear the term ‘recovery blog’ they likely think of someone preaching at them or condemning their past actions. And while that may be true of some blogs, it isn’t exactly a helpful system, is it?

Thus, it’s important for bloggers to put themselves on the same level as their readers. One of the best ways to do this is to tell one’s own story of addiction.

After all, recovery isn’t always a beautiful process. Sometimes it’s tough, ugly, and downright difficult. But by sharing the good and the bad, it normalizes the process and shows others that they’re not alone.

A well-written addict’s blog needs to be an ongoing narrative. People want to relate to others, especially when it comes to difficult topics like addiction and recovery.

Make The Blog User-Friendly

When people come to read that journey, they shouldn’t be bombarded by poor web design

Imagine going to a website that takes nearly a minute to load. And when it does finally load, it’s almost impossible to find anything.

Poor design is all too common in the blogosphere. Before changing the world, it’s important to first change one’s site.

Approach every element of the blog from a user’s perspective. Does a post need more pictures? Can the search bar be found easily? Is everything organized?

These seem like simple questions, but answering them can do wonders for a site’s usability.

Write Great Content

So far we’ve outlined the need for a narrative structure and a well-designed site. Next, let’s talk about actual content. After all, it’s why the audience is coming to the blog in the first place.

But what sets a blog apart? Great content.

When starting a blog, focus on original, relevant content that will interest readers.

Then, outline that content and break it up into small, readable chunks. The smaller the paragraph, the easier it’ll be to read.

Finally, add a few images and include relevant keywords. For instance, a general article may use the keyword ‘recovery’ while an alcohol-related article would feature ‘how to stop drinking‘.

Interact With The Audience

Finally, make sure to respond to the audience. A writer shouldn’t be separated from his or her audience.

Reach out and interact with the audience, be it on the blog itself or on social media. It’s a great way to improve brand interactivity and let people know that you’re listening.

Last Thoughts On Starting A Recovery Blog

Creating and filling a recovery blog may not be the easiest task in the world. However, with these tips, it’s sure to be a rewarding one.

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