3 Reasons Why You Need Professional SEO Services

seo professional servicesWhen you’ve got a toothache, you go to the dentist.

Gone are the days of string, door handles, a sibling willing to inflict pain, and courage. You get the specialist in to do the job.

When you pull your own teeth, it’s not going to end well – just as a business without SEO professional services l is likely to make a mess.

You’re not alone if you think you can handle your own SEO and content strategy. 74% of businesses only have one person or a small team managing their entire SEO services.

That means more than half have no idea what content marketing success looks like.

You Need an SEO Professional in Your Life

Only 5% of businesses say they have a ‘sophisticated’ content marketing strategy. A further 32% have an optimistic ‘adolescent’ view of their content usage – but that’s really not going to get you the rankings you need for a competitive advantage.

The reason that 95% of companies say they don’t have a sophisticated content strategy is simple: they don’t have the skill set on their team or the time to train people.

SEO is seen as a dark art: Google’s constantly changing algorithms make it particularly hard for the uninitiated to interpret for a route to success.

There are three very important reasons you need SEO professional services in your life:

1. An SEO Professional Has Trained – Hard

Let’s go back to that dentist: he (or she) has spent many hours studying textbooks, practicing on willing volunteers, and indebted himself to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars to gain their certification.

You trust your dentist with your sore tooth more than you do your sibling with some string and a door handle, right?

SEO professionals like https://www.s44seoservices.com.au/ will spend a long time learning the craft of Google and search engine strategies. They understand what does – and doesn’t – work, thanks to their continued analysis.

2. They Focus Exclusively on SEO

An SEO professional understands the importance of a full competitor and industry analysis. Data is their thing: it’s essential to incorporating SEO keywords that drive results.

That whopping 95% of businesses with no confidence in their content marketing strategy have gone about it in an ad-hoc way: they put the time in when they can, around everything else.

When someone is dedicated to a single task, they can produce greater benefits in a shorter amount of time.

The right person for the job will also have the right tools. Hiring an SEO specialist will give you access to specific tools to improve your inbound marketing strategy.

3. SEO has Serious ROI Benefits

You’ve got a toothache, so you try to pull it out with some string and a door handle. You make a mess. You call the dentist anyway and ask them to fix it.

In this scenario, you’ve not only wasted time but also caused more damage and created a more costly bill for yourself than a simple extraction.

An SEO professional understands that their job is to drive people to your website to buy from you. They optimise your content with keywords that they’ve discovered from competitor and industry analysis.

The investment in hiring someone to do the job right the first time provides a significant payoff in the long-term.

No More DIY SEO: SEO Professaional Services Will Solve Your Content Marketing Problems

You’ve been struggling to do your own SEO and haven’t seen results.

It’s time to go to the dentist.

Hire an SEO professional to overcome your inbound marketing teething problems.