Top 10 Advantages of Using Local SEO Services

seoSEO is changing, and there is a new kid on the block for businesses and marketers. Local SEO services are fast becoming one of the most important aspects of all online searches ever since Google’s ‘Pigeon‘ update in 2014.

With 96% of PC owners conducting local searches and 46% of Google searches also being local, you can understand why so many businesses are investing so much money into local SEO services.

This can leave business owners worried they’re not investing enough time or money into local SEO campaigns. Fear not though, this article will list the top 10 advantages of using local SEO services and what it can do to give your website the viewership it deserves.

10. Local Customers Are Reaching out to Businesses via the Internet – on Both Desktop and Mobile

Although some people are still using the yellow pages, when most of us leave our front doors, we are reaching for an internet device. If the statistics above didn’t shock you enough, here are some more:

  • 64% of local customers use Google and other search engines as their main way of finding local businesses
  • 50% of local searchers on a mobile are looking for business information (like an address or phone number)
  • 78% of local mobile searches lead to an offline purchase
  • 61% of local laptop searches also lead to offline purchases

Those last two statistics should be grabbing your attention if you aren’t optimising local SEO services and are selling on the ground.

9. Local Seo Services Create Local Exposure

By using local SEO, Google can help searchers find established businesses linked to their search in their area. This can make local SEO services a powerful tool for many small business owners.

It’s similarly effective for brand new enterprises who are attempting to attract new clients. LocalSEOo can be one of the quickest ways to growing SEO for your business when starting out.

8. Local Search Marketing Is Super Effective and Heavily Targeted

From the statistics above we can see that the top reasons for local search are to find a specific business or to find a product/service. A lot of local searches are looking for a particular type of business, but don’t have a business name in mind.

For local businesses, this is important as it allows them to use local search tactics to better position themselves in the marketplace. It allows them to promote what they’re offering to local customers when they’re looking for that particular type of business.

7. Mobile Internet Usage Is Growing

As more customers flock to using smartphones as their primary source of internet access, local business need to adapt to this usage. With a staggering 51% of mobile digital media time coming from mobile’s, local SEO services have never been more important.

As mobile internet usage grows, local SEO services will become more important due to people searching more whilst on the go.

6. Boost Your Listing’s with Google My Business

Local SEO doesn’t come any easier than Google My Business, yet only 44% of businesses have claimed their ‘GMB’ listing. This is something that many SEO agencies agree is crucial. Explains in a blog post they conducted how important Google My Business is for local SEO reports. It prioritizes local businesses who use GMB over the competitors that don’t, and it can actually boost your website ranking.

5. Competition Is Rising

When you start to look at key digital marketing solutions, it’s easy to see that there are a number of ways in which anybody can market your business. The trouble is nowadays it’s so easy, everybody is getting a slice of the pie.

Every year, entrepreneurs create thousands of businesses and establish themselves as immoveable enterprises. Because of this, search engine’s potential visibility is actively dropping in a lot of areas.

As competition increases, Google’s algorithms force business owners to find smaller niches to make sure they maintain visibility that’s relevant. Typically, the most efficient way to do this is by optimising local search.

This means that local SEO services will only increase in importance as competition continues to grow.

4. Google Is All About Local Businesses

Google has a reputation for giving the people what they want. That’s why you tend to find that Google leans towards favoring local businesses.

Although Google bases most of its ranking on a brand’s history or authority, you often find (especially with local search) Google often enables small-businesses who usually have more limited access to resources than bigger brands.

You only have to look at the free tools that Google provides to business owners to see that it wants to help them increase their online visibility. These free tools like Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Search Console all show Google wants to help local businesses.

I expect the Google Pigeon update to be just the start of more locally-focused updates.

3. Mobile and Wearable Devices Taking Off

Google let us know in 2015 more Google searches take place on mobile devices, than on desktops in 10 countries including the US and Japan. With smartwatches and other wearable tech taking off, more consumers are going to be searching whilst on the move than ever before.

With us transitioning from PC’s to mobile internet usage, local SEO will be a necessity, not just a nicety.

2. Local SEO Services Will Give More Individualised Results

For as long as I can remember it was always crucial to focus on keyword research, however, the more sophisticated Google grows the more results are individually based on the user.

When logging in to a Google account, both your search history and geographical location, factor into your search results. With this in mind, local search may be more important in the future as Google grows.

1. Local Seo Equals Profit Maker

If businesses follow the correct steps for optimising local SEO services, it not only creates much-needed exposure for businesses but will also help make more profit.

Traffic to your site can grow hugely if you start to rank first in your local SEO.

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With so many online searches resulting in offline purchases, it’s crucial to take advantage of local SEO, before your competitors beat you to it.

Let us know in the comments what changes you’ve noticed in SEO in the last few years and how important local SEO has been for your business.