Career Insight into Working in a Surrogacy Agency

career insightAre you interested in women’s issues and experiences? Seeking some career insight that will allow you to explore this?

Perhaps in your search, you’ve never considered being part of a surrogacy agency. But you should!

Though there are challenges in this line of work, helping couples realize their dream of becoming parents is seriously rewarding work.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of working in a surrogacy agency.

Career Insight: Surrogate Coordinator

Being a surrogate coordinator is multi-layered. Much of it has to do with the connection a coordinator makes with the surrogate mother.

The process of becoming a surrogate mother is an intimate one. It involves people and professionals with the same goal in mind–to provide a couple with a child.

Surrogates are implanted with embryos that are biologically related to the intended parents who are unable to carry a child.

Sperm donation is fairly standard. Being an egg donor, however, is a major commitment. If you want further information on being an egg donor, you can learn more here.

Whatever the case, the challenging path to becoming a surrogate more than pays off when it succeeds. Surrogate coordinators get to share in this experience.

The Rewards of Being a Surrogate Coordinator

As a surrogate coordinator, you get to know the potential surrogates very well. That’s because the screening process is fairly intimate.

The surrogacy candidate is required to share personal information about her life. Over time, the coordinator and the surrogate mother often form a deep bond.

Many people assume that women who are interested in surrogacy are only in it for the money. But any surrogacy coordinator can tell you this isn’t the case.

Most women who want to be surrogates have known someone who isn’t able to have children. They’re able to empathize with the struggles experienced by couples who are unable to conceive.

They want to provide for them. And they do.

Surrogate mothers bring profound joy to a couple who have long wanted to have a baby. As a surrogate coordinator, you get to be part of this amazing process. It’s deeply rewarding.

The Challenges for Surrogate Coordinators

When exploring any career insight, there will always be challenges.

For example, there are times when a surrogate coordinator has to tell a woman that the agency won’t be able to work with her. This can be disappointing if she’s through the screening process and feels confident she’ll be selected.

Also, there are the pure logistic challenges of the job.

From the moment a woman walks into the agency until she’s matched with the family, a surrogate coordinator has to keep track of every detail. That requires coordinating with an army of people and professionals to keep things operating smoothly.

It can be stressful. But there are always ways to unplug from the job too.

And the ultimate payoff with this job is a child that will be deeply loved.

Is Being a Surrogate Coordinator Right for You?

It could be if you’re looking for challenging yet rewarding work.

And what could be more rewarding than making a real difference in a family’s life?

If you want more information on finding work that’s productive and meaningful, please contact us. We’re happy to help!