Become a Home Builder and Build Your Own Home by Yourself

Is it your dream to be your own boss, set your own schedules and carve out your own business in home construction?

If you’re tempted by this prospect but are unsure where to begin, you’re already in the right place.

Whether you’re interested in grand-scale projects, have a particular niche, or simply want to run a DIY company, read on to learn how to become a home builder and kick-start your business today…

Get Qualified

If you’ve got a bachelor degree, you’re already ahead of the game, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re considering a course, look at construction management, engineering, math and surveying, as well as more “business-like” degrees such as construction accounting.

Energy efficiency is prevailing too and there are courses in how to build and be eco-friendly.

Certification and Licensing

Certification normally requires taking a self-study course, a technical exam and already having hands-on experience.

A license, however, is a must – you cannot make a living building homes without one, legally.

Obtaining the license will involve testing, registration and fees, but it’s all part of how to become a home builder and running a successful business doing it.

The tests are open book, which takes a little of the pressure off – but you still need to study and arrange your schedule around this so you can effectively become licensed and start getting to work.

Business Insurance

To get your license, you need to have liability insurance, which covers the costs of potential on-location incidents.

If you work for yourself but employ others as well, you’ll also need workers’ compensation insurance, which covers them in case of an accident.

When launching a business, financial matters are often scrutinized as well – so make sure your books are in order and be prepared for a routine audit. This is a crucial factor in how to become a home builder.

Have you got a Business Plan?

It depends whether you’re a sole proprietor, a corporation or a limited company. The former, you don’t need to register the company, the latter you do.

Work out what your niche is, and capitalize on this. Research your local competitors and decipher whether or not you have what it takes to compete.

Plan the look of your company, the ethos, the presence of it. Get your company’s logo out there, on social media, online and around the local area. Take inspiration from the likes of, who showcase a sleek, modern and innovative look on their website.

Can you team up with local trusted electricians or surveyors, to cross-promote? Do what you can to make your business a success and give across an ethos of professionalism and direction.

How to Become a Home Builder…

According to the BLS, the median annual salary for a home builder was over $57,000 in May 2015.

If this sounds like music to your ears, these tips are here to help you take that step into opening your own home building company and living the self-made dream.

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