Ways To Enhance Advertising With Video

Looking for ways to enhance your Facebook advertising with video? Video ads are among the most powerful Facebook ad formats for generating user engagement. Considering how many posts people see in their Facebook news feeds, it’s impossible to read and interact with all of them. For that reason, they make a quick decision about whether a post is worth paying attention to.

Unfortunately, many video ads don’t successfully do this, which results in low engagement and poor outcomes. If you have an iPhone (most of your do), we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help with this. Apple has come a long way since first releasing the now (almost) extinct iPod.

In case you are living under a rock, their flagship product is not the iPhone. It’s a magical device small enough to fit in your hand, pocket, purse, and provides more computing power than what they had on the Apollo 11. The iPhone provides you with text messages, emails, games, apps but also provides you with high quality photos & the newest trend — Video. Even with it seeming like a magical device, not everything is perfect. By just clicking record, it may not result in quality footage. What to learn how to produce professional-looking videos all from an iPhone? Check out our favorite accessories to help enhance your iPhone video.

The 5 best video accessories for your iPhone:

1. iStabilizer Flex

Are you confused at what this may be? Yeah, we were too. It is a flexible legged tripod. Flexible legs with wrapping capability allow you to secure your smartphone to virtually any surface. Along with this, you can rotate your phone to be at angle you please. The flex is small and packable- take it anywhere & create awesome #content.

2. Moment lenses for iPhone

This is an added accessory to place over your already good quality iPhone camera. It just gives it an extra boost. Moment lenses are made to perform like high-end dSLR lenses (you’ll feel like you’re looking through a $1,000 Cannon camera).

3. Incipio Focal Camera Case

Are you always dropping your phone? Or are you the friend who always ruins the picture or video with their shaky hand? Well, not to worry, we can fix that. The Incipio Focal Camera Case is a two-piece case that slides over your iPhone and locks together. It also has a removable wrist strap for extra security. The front of the case is a vegan leather hand grip with a shutter release, power button, and digital zoom rocker on top. Talk about a #sweet, non-slip case.

4. Movo MA200 Omni-Directional Calibrated TRRS Condenser Microphone

A general rule for clear audio is to get your microphone as close to your subject as possible. But that’s kind of #impossible if you’re filming with your camera because you can’t bring that any closer. This little microphone plugs into your headphone jack and amplifies the audio for your video, making things a little louder and crisper.

5. iBower® Smartphone LED Video Light

Everyone has experienced trying to take a good photo or video only to find out that the lighting just wasn’t right. There’s a solution! The iBower Smartphone LED Video Light can enhance your videos. This portable light illuminates your subject with 50 LEDs, aiding your smartphone’s camera in capturing details in low-light environments. Eight levels of brightness allow you to tailor the light to your needs, and warming, cooling, and diffusing filter plates give you even more control over your images. The best part is it attaches right to the top of your phone. The perfect angle for when you’re using your iPhone to film.

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