How Employers Can Find Workers And Workers Can Find Jobs

employers searching employeesIn a way, it’s like the bar scene. Lonely guys and girls out looking for that perfect someone, but most end up going home alone… or worse yet, wake up to a mistake.

Businesses need the right workers, and workers desperately want to find the right job. They’re both out there, but hooking up can be difficult.

Both parties know the old saying about having to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince isn’t just a fairy tale. It definitely applies in today’s fast-moving job market.

The following stories all point to a common solution for a modern-day dilemma. It’s a solution more and more people are embracing.

Why not you?

Vanessa’s Story: How to Find Reliable Help to Launch a Successful Business?

vanessa cleaning maidAfter putting in years of work for others, Vanessa decided she wanted to be her own boss and chart her own path. She’d heard family stories of how her great uncle started one of the most successful cleaning businesses on the planet.

People need cleaning. Vanessa loves to clean. Why not follow in the family footsteps and launch another cleaning service?

So she did.

Vanessa’s knowledge and passion gave her an immediate edge. She’s a hard worker, and her previous work experience provided good insight to the fundamentals of marketing.

Before long, she had more clients than she could handle on her own, so she began hiring help. That’s where the trouble began. Vanessa found that many people wanted to earn money, but few really wanted to put in the hard work necessary to earn it.

Her fledgling company began drawing complaints and poor reviews. One of her employees couldn’t put down her cell phone long enough to work. Others leveraged Vanessa’s good name to take on personal clients of their own and left her again needing help.

Vanessa freaked.

She had to roll jobs back to a one-person level and handle every task on her own. Vanessa’s attempt at growing a business had failed.

Jeff’s Story: What Do You Do When You Can’t Find a Job?

jeff the workerJeff worked for the same company for almost 20 years. He figured he’d retire there, and never have to worry about unemployment.

But Jeff was wrong.

The company’s livelihood depended on access to a steady supply of timber, and even though the forests being logged were being replanted with trees, there’s a big difference between the 400-year-old fir, spruce, hemlock, and cedar the company was felling and the 3-year-old root stock replacing it. There came a day when the forests Jeff’s workplace depended on were either already stumps or under protection of federal law.

The company decided to shut down forever. The owner was ready to retire, and no buyers were in sight.

What could Jeff do now? He’d given all of his working life to one company. He’d been loyal to them, but that no longer mattered. Nor was there another lumber mill in the region looking for help. Those that hadn’t already closed were making plans to follow suit.

The heyday was over. It was an employment catastrophe that had been predicted for years, yet Jeff and many others steadily refused to believe it was possible. Their parents had made a good living working in the woods and in the mills… shouldn’t their children be able to do the same?

Jeff and his wife still had children at home, and he was still 20 more years of work away from retirement… how would he ever be able to find enough work to keep the bills paid?

Wanda’s Story: Matchmaking is Her Specialty

wanda job matchmakerFrom childhood on, Wanda Smith had a knack for turning opportunity into business.

While other Girl Scouts gathered in small groups to walk from door-to-door selling cookies, Wanda hopped on her bike and rode ahead of them to outsell the competition. When she saw her father’s vegetable garden was producing more than the family could use, she convinced him to let her set up a roadside stand to sell the surplus.

After years in management positions, Wanda decided her real love was in matchmaking. She was good at fitting employers with employees. True to her entrepreneurial nature, she turned in her resignation, helped her son launch a business, then started her own job placement agency.

Wanda’s success has been nothing short of spectacular. Her company has several times made the Inc. 5000 of America’s fastest growing enterprises, and she’s personally racked up a string of honors and awards from the business community.

Three Stories, One Theme – The Solution to Your Staffing or Job-seeking Problem

Wanda Smith rightly saw the demand for employee/employer matchmaking would rise with the tide as the USA job market underwent radical changes. Some of the turmoil came about as the result of technological advances, other from the economic reality of outsourcing, company relocations, environmental regulations, and such.

Today, an increasing number of new hires are filling job openings because of placement agencies like the one Wanda started.

Here are some of the reasons employers like the Wanda Smiths of the world:

  • Rather than use their own human resources staff for the initial interviews, resume fitting, drug testing, and such, employers can hand that work over to an agency. That saves time and money.
  • The new hires work for the employment agency, not for the business. The agency handles payroll, taxes, insurance, and the like. The company chooses the best candidate and puts that person to work… immediately. No delays and no paperwork worries.
  • Agencies like Wanda’s are skilled at what they do, and they typically have a large cadre of potential “just right” candidates for the jobs businesses need to fill. The company doesn’t have to worry about misjudging the qualifications of a candidate. The agency handles all of that.

From the employees side, there are numerous benefits too:

  • The job seeker needs only sit down with the agency staff. No more running all over time trying to find a job. Once a person’s job skills are matched to a company with an opening, there will probably be just one more interview before beginning the new job.
  • Since the employee actually works for the agency and is just a “temp” at the company, there’s no major commitments for either party. If the chemistry doesn’t work, no big deal. It’s easy to change jobs.
  • The agency staff can help polish resumes, build interview skills, advise those looking for work on any gaps in education or experience that need filled, and generally provide invaluable help with getting the job each person is best suited for.

This is a love triangle that’s a win-win situation for all involved. The employer gets the best workers, the workers get the right jobs, and the employment agency gets to help.

How Employers Can Find Workers and Workers Can Find Jobs – Wrapping It Up

By turning to an agency for help, Vanessa was able to grow her company without having to “hire” anyone but the agency. They vetted potential employees and sent qualified candidates who could help Vanessa build her client list again.

One of the people from the agency ended up becoming Vanessa’s full-time field supervisor. That gave the company the juice it needed to quadruple revenue within one year. It also gave clients much more reason to leave positive reviews and offer to provide references for Vanessa’s excellent work.

By turning to an agency, Jeff was able to locate work in a larger town. He had to re-train a bit, and he had to move his family to another location, but he soon saw the change was really a blessing in disguise.

All through the transition, the employment agency he chose helped Jeff make the right choices and gave him the encouragement he needed to take the leap. What looked like tragedy for Jeff’s family turned into joy.

Vanessa and Jeff aren’t anomalies either – they are becoming the norm in today’s altered job market. Agencies like the one Wanda Smith started are helping people across America through times of stress and fear.

Whether you’re hiring or looking, don’t overlook the potential. Chances are there’s an employment agency near you.

Give them a try. Forge a relationship with staff.

And be prepared to be surprised.

Employment agencies have always been helpful. Today, they are often essential.

Abel Cane covers business and environmental issues for BoomAlive. To find out more about his work, get in touch via Twitter @BoomAlive.