How Politicians Plagiarize?

the Simpsons: I will not plagiarizePlagiarism is a form of cheating and this is committed by means of using copyrighted materials without any permission from their authors. Usually, people who commit plagiarism are those in the writing profession. They tend to use similar lines created by another writer or a publisher even without any intention to do it.

However, writers are not the only ones often guilty of it. Surprisingly, politicians are the ones who usually plagiarize. This fact seems to be impossible, but it is actually true. There have been a lot of local and international politicians who have become controversial because of plagiarism. Do you know how politicians plagiarize? Read this plagiarism publication by Edusson.


Speeches delivered by politicians are often infected by plagiarism. It is because this is where they want to prove something with the so called “supporting data” that may convince their listeners. They use some research materials and statistics to justify their point.

However, some politicians may not be aware that their speeches may contain plagiarized parts. There have been issues that speeches delivered by politicians are plagiarized by their staff who directly prepare such speeches. On the other hand, some politicians must only be using such possibility as an alibi.

Press Release

Politicians often make press releases in verbal and in written form. This scenario is also not free from plagiarism as politicians may aggressively make some statements that don’t seem to original.

When a press release is done verbally, the likelihood of plagiarism is less. It is the written press release that is more prone to plagiarism. In written press releases, one may find a lot of general statements that are included to make fresh information objective. As a result, politicians may insert recycled information to sound as though it is not subjective.

Another instance that may prove plagiarism is possible is when politicians retell some news. It is because there is a risk of expressing some news in the same manner the original authors expressed them. Anyone who makes a press release is expected to mention the name of the source when the content is somewhat about news.


Speeches and press releases may be accidentally plagiarized, but plagiarism in doctoral dissertation can hardly have an excuse. This is because there are politicians who have been involved in plagiarizing even their doctoral dissertation. Why do they do that?

At first, let us know why most politicians strive to get a doctoral degree. Politicians take doctorate courses because:

– They want the public to know they are well-educated

– Their colleagues who are also politicians influence them to have a doctorate degree

– They want to be appointed to a high government service position such as department secretary

Why do they have to plagiarize their dissertation? Here the reasons:

– They are busy and they want to find a short cut

– They want to impress people

– They simply can’t prepare a dissertation


It is really embarrassing for politicians to be caught plagiarizing because they are supposed to be role models, and many people look up to them. However, it is a fact that many of them are guilty of it.

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