Executive Search Companies: What Are They All About?

Executive Search Company FunctionIf you have never used an executive search company before, you may be wondering exactly what they do, and have many questions about the process. Below is some information to answer some of your most pressing questions about how an executive search company selects and places employees for clients.

Placement agencies take pride in what they do, and finding the perfect person to fill the job vacancies that clients have available. They want their clients to have the best talent working for them. Placement agencies also want potential candidates to be satisfied in the placements that are found for them as well.

When the two meet, magic happens and clients get motivated. This creates productive employees and companies that are unstoppable in the marketplace. Executive search companies hope to exceed the expectations of every client and every candidate they work with.

Clients are Involved in the Process

Executive search companies consult with the companies that engage them to look for employees. They discuss what position you are trying to fill, the duties of the role, and attempt decipher what kind of person you are looking for to fill the position. They want to know the short and long term goals for your business to determine if an employee fits into this picture. This is really important for the long term sustainability of your business.

Your Opportunity in Posted Online

After a placement agency knows what you are looking for in an employee, they post the employment opportunity that you are offering on their website and alert current job seekers about it as well. The executive search company wants to find a large and qualified pool of candidates for their clients to choose from. You also don’t have to spend the time to review the applications and narrow down the candidate pool yourself. They do that for you and select the absolute best from the resumes receive for the opportunity.

The Executive Search Company Interviews the Candidates

When the applicant pool has been narrowed down, the placement agency is still working hard for you. They interview the top candidates and conduct thorough conversations with job seekers, all the while keeping the requirements of your business in mind. Hiring an executive placement agency is also advantageous because they are an objective third party. They are not inserted into the daily operations of your business.

The Candidates are Tested

The placement agency wants to make sure that the best candidates are working for their clients. This is why they provide job related testing and tasks for candidates to complete. This ensures that you are considering people who can prove that they have the skills to do the job before they are hired. This will definitely save you the risk of making the wrong hiring decision and having to waste time and money to begin the process all over again.

Check In With Our Clients

When a candidate is placed with a client company, a placement agency wants to make sure they are completely satisfied with the employee. This is why they make it a priority to follow up and check in with the client and the candidate to ensure that the placement is working out and that the candidate is performing to the expectations of the client. Also, they want to know that the candidate is happy in their new role as well. Job compatibility and satisfaction are the key to low turnover rates in companies, and this is exactly what an executive search company strives to provide to every client.

Using an executive search company to fill your next vacancy in management just might be the best decision for your business. They take all of the fear and risk out of the hiring process. They ensure that they understand your needs before they begin the process. The agency gets the job posting online, goes through the applications to screen them, and then interviews the candidates. After interviewing the best candidates, they make sure they have the skills to do the job right, by subjecting them to a testing process.

All of this ensures clients get the best people in the right positions for them. This allows companies to run efficiently and be more productive. As a result, executive search companies have very satisfied clients.

This article was written by Eugene F. Wallace, an executive recruiter who helps companies identify and hire exceptional talent for their agencies and creative departments.