Tips For Buying The Right Size Men’s Clothing Online

Business Suit for ManWhen you’re shopping online things are a bit more difficult than if you walked into the nearest store. One of the most difficult things is to know the size of the shirt (especially shirts), and how it will fit when you wear it. The challenge understands the various sizes available to find one that will look and fit perfectly.

Then to add more mystery to the mix every seller has a slightly different way of presenting measurements and measuring what they sell and these discrepancies can cost you bit time.

Start with shopping at sellers that list measurements

Amazingly even though buying a measuring tape just costs a few dollars few sellers especially on auction sites like eBay list exact measurements for everything they sell. These sellers are often part timers and shouldn’t be trusted with your hard earned money. Only choose to do business with sellers that show measurements for the hips, waist, sleeve length, rise, and the garment length.

All of these measurements will help you double check if the clothing you’re purchasing will actually fit. When you have key measurements in place you can actually pull out a pant or a shirt that fits this description to try it on.

The bad news is that every seller has their own way of measuring things and so the measurements may differ. The margin of error becomes wider especially if sellers do not reveal what steps they took to measure the garment. Ideally, there should be a diagram that you can look at with all the measurements marked across it i.e. collar size, sleeve length, length of the garment etc.

men leather pantsBuy brands that you know will fit well

There are hundreds of popular and lesser known brands of clothing being sold online and offline for that matter. While, all this variety will certainly mesmerize someone who is not familiar with any one of these brands if you are familiar or own a garment from these brands you’ll know exactly how well they fit.

For instance, if you have Levis Jeans and wear it almost every day then you are familiar with the size and style of the jeans. This is where having brand loyalty has a few benefits since you’re familiar with how it will fit without really trying it on. The measurements can then make it even more clear as to how well it will fit and if it’s right for you.

Consider sellers offering returns

There is lots of men’s clothing being sold online but few sellers have a solid return policy in place. Many times the return policy just covers defects in the garment and not if the garment does not fit. However, by choosing to only do business with sellers that will willingly accept a garment that does not fit you’re improving your chances of finding something good and experimenting without the risk. But you need to make sure what sort of time period the sellers require that you return the garment within.

concept fluro blue suit for manAlways buy more than one

If you buy clothes online never buy just one piece from a seller as this is going to be a lot more expensive, the shipment may also be delayed and you’ll have to pay for shipping just one garment back if it’s defective. When you find a trustworthy garment seller online always buy in bulk both to save money and for the seller to take your order seriously. Also, if something goes wrong shipping twelve shirts back costs almost the same as shipping back one.

Buy using your credit card

If you are going to shop for men’s clothing online it should be done via credit card. The reason being that if something does go wrong i.e. the seller refuses to accept a defective garment, it tears in transit or if something else goes wrong you can always file for a chargeback with your bank. This makes dispute resolution a lot easier for you.

While the estimated figure of garments being sold online number in the billions you need to be aware of scams. Lowes recommends that people be on the lookout for scams where a branded pair of jeans or shirt is sold for 50% of its market value because in most cases these are knockoffs and the seller is based overseas, this is yet another reason to use your credit card.



Mark is one of the most respected and well known fashion designers in Sydney. He has his own line of clothing that is exclusively sold online. While, his work has been copied by several fake sellers online, he still manages to maintain consumer interest from people looking for premium quality and the latest designs.