PC Tracking Software- It’s Not Paranoia, Your Boss Might Be Watching You

PC Tracking SoftwareModern computer networks are complex systems of devices that require proactive monitoring to ensure overall stability and security within an organization. This is especially the case when it comes to systems where most operations are performed by humans.

These days, when everything and everyone operates on the web, and more and more employees get access to the Internet in the workplace, it’s vital to use the right business software that will not only improve productivity of your staff, but also help find and fix vulnerabilities in the system.

One of the most popular trends among business owners is using PC tracking software. If a decade ago it was a privilege of highly protected organizations only, these days more than 65% of companies monitor their employees’ computer usage.

Your boss can review your computer activity anytime as long as he or she owns the machine. Employers aren’t even obliged to tell you they’re doing it. Normally, in order to prevent whopping lawsuits, as well as to stay honest with their workers, employers/information security staff inform employees about the software they’re going to use. By doing so they actually kill two birds with one stone: their conscience remains clear and their employees focus on their duties better.

However, informed consent and explanations about how important this software is for your company growth may not save you from being viewed as an intrusive power that pries into the private affairs of others.

Is It Worth the Investment?

If you’re a business owner hesitant to use PC monitoring software, you may wonder whether it’s worth your money. It depends on a program. Low-cost apps intended rather for spying than monitoring will certainly fall short of your expectations, so you can confidently strike them out from your list. If you’re serious about your business, choose between established brands offering enterprise-level packages to avail all the benefits of this software type. It is never free.

What to Look For?

There’s no shortage of high quality PC monitoring software for all tastes available for purchase on the web, and finding the right one can be a real challenge. In order to make the right choice, research the market thoroughly prior to signing any contracts. Compare feature sets, pricing policies and customer testimonials to see which program will work best for your company.

While some tracking apps allow to monitor Internet usage only, such programs as  Work Examiner can keep detailed logs of keystrokes and capture instant messages. Other advanced features include website blocking, alerts, web time usage analytics, real-time monitoring and even custom redirects (you can redirect your employees to the company website or any other page when they try to access forbidden websites).

So Is It Legal?

Yes, it is. Your boss can legally install any tracking software on the machines he or she owns. Though 83% of employers say they inform their workers about their computer usage policy, they aren’t obliged to do this (only two states – Delaware and Connecticut – require business owners to notify workers of monitoring).

Robert Simons is the owner and editor-in-chief of http://yourtechlib.com/, a website dedicated to web design, Internet marketing, business software and everything in between. He mostly spends his time testing mobile applications.