5 Must-Have Accessories For Your Patio

You have a wonderful outdoor space to relax and entertain guests during the summer months. Before you send out those invitations for your barbecue or garden party, accessorize the patio so it has everything it needs.

1. Flowering Plants Add Color To Your Patio

Patios can sometimes give the appearance of a cold and hard outdoor space due to all the gray cement or red brick on the patios floor. Brighten up the patio while giving it a more cozy and warm appearance with flowering plants. Flowers in planters can be placed anywhere as they come in different shapes and sizes to tie in with the exterior decor theme of your home and backyard landscape. Selecting fun planter boxes will help you determine which flowers or spices you want to display!

2. Furniture Covers and Pads Protect Your Outdoor Chairs

patio BBQ covers There’s nothing worse than sitting on your outdoor chair and finding your clothes dirty due to the dust and grime that is on the furniture. To keep the furniture clean, get furniture covers. They also protect your cushions as you won’t have to run outside and take the cushions off when it starts to rain if you don’t have a covered patio. To prevent the furniture legs from scraping up the surface of the patio, and to make furniture level if the patios surface is uneven, you can place pads on the bottom of the chair legs.

3. Proper Lighting Lets You Enjoy The Patio During The Evenings

The patio fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Patio lighting can allow you to enjoy the early evenings outside as you tell stories or point up at the stars with the kids. You can invest in movable lights such as candles or flameless LED tea lights, or place in permanent lighting fixtures around the backyard landscape. There are also motion detector lights that will automatically turn off when you head inside for the night.

4. Shady Places Keep You Cool On Those Hot Days

At high noon, the sunlight can feel too hot on the skin to stay outside on the patio. It can also heat up metal and plastic furniture, preventing you from sitting out and enjoying the wonderful backyard. Outdoor umbrellas can give you the right amount of shade when you don’t want to spend money on a permanent roof over the patio. Many umbrellas are adjustable as they can swing in different directions to block the sunlight as the sun moves across the sky.

5. Fire Pits Keep You Warm For Those Chilly Nights

On some nights, there may be a little nip in the air. Yet you can stay warm and toasty outside with a patio fire pit. Fire pits can also add extra lighting outdoors as well as set a romantic mood when you are having a special dinner with your loved one. When the kids are home, you can roast marshmallows and tell stories right from the patio producing a camping atmosphere.

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