Five Revolutionary Car Technologies

Auto shows all around the globe are known and admired for one thing they let us fantasize about: the future. From the rise of the first automobile we have dreamed about what the future of the industry will look like. Cars have become so far advanced already it seems, yet we still can not wait until we can get our hands on the newest and greatest technology.

Many believed cars would be flying by the year 2000, and although they have yet to fly, there are several other technological advances currently in the works.

1. Car-to-Car Communication

This has been in the process of becoming a reality for several years. The concept of cars on the highway being able to communicate with one another would be life saving. First, the ever-so-common and unpleasant fender-bender wouldn’t be an issue. If one car was approaching another too quickly, or the cars just happened to get too close, the brakes would automatically be applied in order to prevent collision. This car-to-car communication also could potentially save traffic cops a lot of time with things such as red-light tickets. If the cars could communicate with one another, they could also work with traffic lights in order to effectively maneuver intersections without accidents ever occurring. This would save countless lives and help with the distracted driving issues.

2. Exterior Airbags

We are familiar with interior air bags, the ones that are usually tucked away in our steering wheels, glove boxes, and side compartments. These airbags help protect our body from slamming into the sides of the car, but exterior airbags would help protect the outside of the car from hitting the other car, tree, pole, etc. The car would have to be installed with sensors to detect when another vehicle or object is approaching, and then set off the airbag deployment. Without further explanation we can understand how life-saving this technology would be.

3. Self-Parking

We have been hearing about this for years now, although it still hasn’t quite made it to the mainstream car market. This technology would allow us to simply pull our car up to a parking spot, hit a button, and the car would do all the work of parking. Whether it be parallel parking, slanted parking, or traditional parking we would be able to just let go of the wheel and let the car take over. This would certainly help all of those out there who are just inherently bad “parkers”, but also the elderly and many others as well.

4. Driver Capability

The driver capability monitoring system would enable the car to evaluate whether or not the driver should be behind the wheel. This could be measured by how alert the driver is as well as if the driver is intoxicated. It could include a breathalyzer test which would require the driver of the car to use and pass before the car would go into drive. This technology would help prevent slipping behind the wheel, driving under the influence, as well as heart attacks or seizures behind the wheel.

5. Solar-Powered

We have all experienced the rise of gas prices, but we have yet to find another mass-market alternative to gas-powered cars. We have hybrid cars which require little gas and run mostly on battery power, but we should also be focusing on the possibility of each owning a solar powered car. Sunlight is arguably the cheapest energy available, we just have to fine-tune the technology of enabling cars to run on sunlight. This technology would provide an alternative to the gas crisis and help our pocket books if we could find a way to produce an inexpensive solar-powered car.

This article was written by Matthew Hall. Matthew has a background in engineering and is always fascinated by the latest and greatest technology. He is also a professional writer for Linear Automotive. Be sure to check out his Google+.