What Are Snow Guards And How They Protect Your Roof

Roof Snow GuardIf you’ve been told, that installing snow guards on your roof will avert the risks that come with heavy snowfall in winters, then you have been done a favor! Snow guards are in fact, one of the best ways in which you can protect your roof and the areas below, from being damaged by snow.

What Are Snow Guards and How Do They Work?

Seeing snow accumulated on rooftops in winters is a common sight.  It is a result of snow falling and also resting on rooftops, during prolonged bouts of snowing and sub-zero temperatures. At these times, the snow and the roof seem to bond together and the snow forms a thin or thick blanket over it.

However, when the building temperature rises or/ and the outside temperature increases, this snow blanket starts to melt and a considerable amount of it, is converted into water. This melted water, first forms between the layers of the roof and the snow, and usually acts as a lubricant; resulting in the snow falling off abruptly, in massive and uncontrolled quantities.

Snow guards prevent such a dangerous situation from arising. The mechanism used by snow guards, in preventing snow from accumulating and falling off sloping roofs in avalanches, is rather simple! It does so, by breaking the fall of the built-up snow into smaller, and more manageable chunks.

“A Snow Guard is a device used to retain snow and ice from falling from one surface to a lower one; in contemporary usage they are installed to prevent snow/ice pack from avalanching and damaging people, plants, and property below,“ explains Wikipedia.

Snow Guards Work as a Team

While they may be of varied types in terms of their design, materials used to make them; and the roof types they are meant for; in essence, all snow guards work to fulfill the same goal. Their common aim is to break down ice into manageable bits; distribute the falling snow and ice evenly; and melt them down, at times completely.

However, it is important to note here, that a snow guard does not work in isolation but as part of a team. Expert advice, will help you understand the exact quantity of snow guards you require for your roof; and the best ‘optimum snow retention’ layout plan for them to work.

Snow Guards Protect You from Injury, Liability and Roof Collapse

There are a lot of ways in which snow guards can protect your roof, premises and you! Snow can become pretty dangerous once it has accumulated on your roof.  And, when it starts sliding off in gigantic chunks, it is certainly time to worry. Not just because, you or your family members might slip on the piled-up snow on your doorstep and driveway; but also because, other people may be injured by it. And in such an eventuality, you become liable for their injury.

What’s much worse is that- a heavy buildup of snow and ice on your roof, over time, could also result in a roof collapse! Installing snow guards can protect you from having to encounter either of these unpleasant scenarios!

This article was written Eugene. F. Wallace, a specialist writer on construction, in whose opinion, installing snow guards can prevent risky snow accidents.

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