4 Reasons Why Your Foundation Is Not Level

There are many factors as to why a home’s foundation may not be level and a lot of the issues that cause a bad foundation can actually be prevented if you take certain precautions. But, it’s hard to know what precautions to actually take if you don’t know why your foundation is cracked or might crack.

Here are some of the most common reasons why foundations go bad. These tips can save you big money if you catch these issues in time.

Leaky Basement

Leaky BasementOne of the most common causes for a foundation to become cracked and unleveled is water damage. Basements are often neglected or just assumed to be wet and dirty. If your basement is wet, then it is leaking and if it is leaking then you could have a serious problem.

You can prevent your basement from being water damaged by water proofing it before the rain starts. You will need to find a way to fill any cracks and make sure that there is proper drainage happening all around your house. This can be more difficult than it sounds and a professional should probably be hired to do the job. Trust me, it will be a lot cheaper to pay someone to water proof your basement then it will be to pay someone to repair your foundation.

Seasonal Changes

If you live in a warmer climate that experiences drought then your foundation could become cracked or unleveled due the ground shifting and cracking itself. Damage can also come from too much water if you live in a wet and rainy region.

In some states the seasonal changes are mild and happen over time, but in some states the weather can severely change overnight causing major shock and damage to your foundation.

Tree Roots

Believe it or not tree roots can contribute to foundation problems. Tree roots will suck up themoisture and shift the dirt around underneath the foundation causing damage. But just in the way tree roots can damage a home’s foundation they can also help to prevent problems. If you live in a wet and rainy area then the consistent rain fall can cause shifts underneath the foundation causing cracks and other problems. A tree’s roots can help by taking some of the load off by sucking up the water.


If you live in an older house then your foundation might be a victim of old age. Everything deteriorates with time even a home’s foundation. Or it might be case of during the initial building of a home the foundation wasn’t poured correctly. Both those things mentioned above could be a factor of why an old house has a poor foundation.

Foundation repair can be a nightmare. It can be very costly to have your foundation repaired, so I suggest finding out what could go wrong and fixing it before it does. If you don’t really know what to look for, even after reading this post, then ask someone who does or hire someone to give you a hand. The goal here is to save your foundation so that you can save money!

By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a veteran from Texas who works with a lot of different businesses as a marketing consultant. Henry is currently working with a company that repairs basements http://basementfix.com/. Henry can be found on Google+.

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