Say Goodbye To That Boring Headboard With One Of These 10 Alternatives

Despite seeing it daily, you may not give a second thought to your bed’s headboard, but maybe you should? Everyone’s been envious of those super chic rooms in all of the home decor magazines and surprisingly, adding that kind of flare to your room is much easier than you think! It all starts with your headboard though. So throw your old headboard to the curb and try one of these eye popping alternatives that will turn any room from drab to fab.

tapestry headboard

1.      Blanket or Rug

Yes, this may sound strange at first but if you are not one to have a traditional bed set and don’t like the look of the wooden headboard, placing a rug or blanket is a unique way of getting that headboard look in a unique fashionable way.

reclaimed wood headboard

2.      Re-purposed or Reclaimed Wood

You enjoy having a headboard and you like the wood look but can’t find anything at the furniture stores that suits your fancy. Using pallets or re-purposed or reclaimed wood adds a rustic feel which the traditional headboard would not give.

3.      Framed Fabric

If you like a simple design that goes well with an accent wall; this is for you. You can frame a large piece of fabric and use it where your headboard would go. This can be used in more contemporary designed homes or in bedroom with mostly white walls.

4.      Over-sized Art

If you are artist and enjoy contemporary art or “new” art you can use a large canvas from your favorite artist and place it as your headboard. You can always cover the artwork with a special coating so you don’t constantly wake up with acrylic or oil paint all over you and your pillows.

5.      Wall decals

This adds the headboard visual aspect without any sort of actual headboard. Using wall decals is very creative and aesthetically pleasing and they are super simple to apply and can be used with any wall color background. Wall decals can be words, silhouettes, monograms and in any color and any size so it is great for the master bedroom, guest bedroom or for the kids bedrooms.

6.      Door

Yup, here is another weird sounding one. I actually came across this by accident at an antique decor store near the beach. They had a couple of examples. One was made out of grand heavy detailed doors with smaller metal details on it. The other was white French or European style doors that had a more rustic feel with the paint elegantly worn.

7.      Shelving

This idea can be done in two ways. You can cut into the wall to make a rectangular whole that provides shelving and lighting, or you can attach a piece of wood that is your style at a good height above the bed which provides simple shelving and somewhat gives you that headboard feel.

8.      Bamboo

Placing bamboo sticks together and along the head of the bed is very tropical. The bamboo or wood sticks or your choice can come in different shades depending on the shade of your decor. This option is a little harder to clean but is a very natural look.

9.      Painted headboard

You like the look and feel of a headboard but don’t like any that you have come across or seen with the attached bed sets. Painting a headboard to the wall by the head of your bed gives you that headboard look and feel without the bulk. If you are one to always change your mind, you can easily repaint over it and start again.

Padded Headboard

10.  Pads or cushions

You can upholster thin foam pads or cushions with a fabric design of your choice. This is somewhat similar to number 3 but with thicker with more cushion between your head and the wall. These are also easy to attach and detach from the wall if you feel the need to change the fabric design.

The main thing about choosing a headboard alternative is to pick something that speaks to you and you will be happy with long term. Happy decorating!

This article was written by Catriona McBain. Catriona is a Pinterest fanatic who uses it to fuel her love for home design. She is always finding new ways to add that extra bit of comfort and flare to her bedroom. Catriona is also a lead content creator for