Tips For Organizing Your Laundry Room

Laundry can be overwhelming enough on its own, but it can become even more of a hassle if your laundry area is a mess. It might seem impossible to corral your bottles of laundry detergent, dirty clothes, and random socks, but following these simple home tips will help you get your laundry room organized in no time.

Organize Your Laundry Room Neatly with ShelvesInstall Shelves

Many people claim that they can’t organize their laundry rooms because they don’t have a lot of space. No matter how small your laundry area, there are creative ways to create some extra storage. Check out what people have done with shelves in tricky areas on Pinterest. By installing shelves, you can maximize the vertical space in your laundry area, even if you have limited room.

Use Bins

Bins give you the opportunity to organize laundry odds and ends so that you can find items more easily and make the entire area look neater. They look sharp on shelves but can also be stacked to save space. Storage bins come in an exciting array of colors and patterns so have fun shopping to find the ones that will brighten your mood every time you tackle this chore.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Let’s face it: Laundry isn’t always the prettiest of things to look at in the home. Tucking things out of sight can help make your laundry area look neat, clean and clutter-free. You can install a door to hide your washing machine and dryer, or you can use a curtain or pretty draperies. Installing shelves or cabinets makes it possible for you to hide your laundry detergent and other essentials.

Add Color

When you work to organize laundry areas, you should think about aesthetics. If your laundry room looks nice, you might find that you don’t mind doing laundry quite as much once you have a cheerful room to do it in. Consider colorful paint or opt for striking countertops. Look for colors and textures that give you a pick-me-up, and then consider adding them to your laundry area. In fact, you can start by hanging up colorful pictures; then, you can see where else your mood takes you. In time, your laundry area might be your favorite room of the house.

Be Smart When Organizing Your New Richmond American HomeBe Smart When Organizing

One of the main reasons why you probably want to organize your laundry area is so that it will look more attractive. But you should also make sure that it makes doing laundry a little bit easier for you. When organizing things onto shelves or into bins, try to group similar items together. That way you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the items that you need when you need them.

These tips for laundry room organizing can help you get things under control, but you might still wish that you had a different laundry area. Luckily, you can get the laundry room that you always dreamed of if you look at new homes in your area. For more information about houses that are available near you, consider contacting Richmond American Homes today.

If a new house isn’t in the cards for you right now, these tips can help you get your laundry area looking its best in the meantime.

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