Are You Considering A Corporate Video? Read This Advice First

Corporate VideoCorporate video used to be the realm of high end, multinational organisations, but as the prices of video and audio equipment drop, so does the barrier of entry for getting your business onto the big screen. Finding a production company that can accurately convey your brand’s message can be tough, so it’s best to come up with a detailed plan of attack before you start approaching potential companies.

Studies across the internet continue to show that video content attracts more consumers than plain text alone. But there’s a caveat: more than any other medium, a sloppy company video will really turn off potential customers. It’s absolutely vital that you do everything in your power to ensure a slick production.


Any experienced production company will have a producer on hand that can sit with you and work through the message you are trying to convey and the value you are trying to get across. Having a solid script is important for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it helps focus your mind and gets you thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish with your budget, and secondly, it keeps the shooting time to a minimum and ultimately cuts production costs.


Shooting video requires planning. Make sure your premises is in a fit state to be seen on camera. Desks should be tidied, and factory floors should have anything inappropriate for the shoot removed days in advance. It’s important to think about where any interviews will take place, and to think about any lighting, noise, or scenery issues that might crop up.

If you’re filming outside of the office, have you got any of the required permissions you might need for your location to be on camera?


You might have a firm idea of who you’d like to give your company message, but some of your staff members might react strongly to the idea of being on camera. It’s important to respect their wishes and not try to force shy members of the team into something they’re not comfortable with. If you really can’t find anyone suitable to be on camera, consider hiring a professional presenter. Your production company should be able to do this for you.


Make sure your video is ready for your website. This doesn’t mean getting the format correct, it means getting it ready for public consumption. An internet video needs to be very concise and well edited to keep up a viewer’s interest. Any video longer than a few minutes will go unwatched by the vast majority of site visitors. If you really have a long message to get across, think about breaking the video into chunks and displaying different clips on each of your site’s pages.


If you don’t have a company premises, or you’re trying to explain the benefits of a more intangible product, an animated explainer video can be a great alternative to the traditional corporate video. Animated videos will still require a solid script, but a professional voiceover and digital animation can convey a very powerful idea in a short, quirky and memorable way.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who specialises in guest blogging. He loves adventure and has moves to a different country about every 5 years.