5 Ways Net Neutrality Matters To The Average Person

Fight for Net NeutralityWhen thinking about net neutrality, a lot of people do not get too angry. They think that they are not affected by the new rules congress wants to impose. While this is an unwise stance to take, it is a popular one among some Americans.

With this in mind, here are five reasons why net neutrality matters to the average person.

Freedom of speech: On top of everything else, a person who values free speech should love net neutrality. In the past, people fought and died for the right to speak their minds. Throughout our history, many have marched and shared their opinions with others. This is paramount in a free country like the United States. Sadly, with new laws that congress wants to impose, people on the Internet will not enjoy the same free speech. Instead, lawmakers want to give Internet companies the power to block and filter some content.

Whether a person is liberal or conservative, they should agree that this is a bad thing that can only hurt free markets and minds.

Same prices: Without a doubt, most consumers want to pay the lowest price for the best services. With net neutrality, one can enjoy watching hundreds of videos or do as they please while online. On the other hand, some lawmakers want the large corporations to set prices based on data used. To many, these seems unfair as they would rather have a different payment setup. Remember, a person who wants to get on the Internet and not worry about capped data should support net neutrality.

More powers to the state: With the Internet being so unregulated, the government wants a piece of the pie. This is common for any new technology, and this is not unique when speaking about the Internet. With potential changes, computer users may see their data read and intercepted by multiple sources, including the government. Since this is already happening on a small-scale, some fear it will grow out of control in the future. Luckily, with net neutrality, the government has to use the proper legal channels to take control of websites. Simply put, if a person want the government to have less power, he or she should support net neutrality.

Haves and have not: Now, most people can afford the Internet. This is what is great about the technology as people, rich and poor, can go online and discuss the issues or do other important things. However, if congress and large corporations get their way, many will have a hard time paying their ISP bill. For this reasons, a person who wants free-flowing ideas should advocate for net neutrality.

Less completion: As mentioned, with net neutrality, people are trying to prevent monopolies. On the other hand, in due time, if the corporations get their way, a consumer will have even fewer choices. This means worse service and higher prices which most people do not want.

Without a doubt, net neutrality is important. If a person loves to use a free and fair internet, he or she should support this. Remember, without this, people will enjoy less content and higher prices.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane thinks that net neutrality is the most important issue that people know nothing about.