Special Provisions For Women In ACA

All over the country, Affordable Care Act (ACA) is being hailed as a revolutionary legislation that will reform the entire health insurance industry. Under this new act almost everyone will benefit immensely. From adults to children, the new act has special provisions in place for almost everyone. But women will benefit from it in even more ways, according to the new act; a lot of preventive services will be provided to women for very little or no cost at all.

Many women had to face huge disappointments and embarrassments due to corrupt underwriting practices of insurance companies, but starting from 2014 no insurance company will be able to deny health insurance to any woman based on pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy.

A huge advantage for women is that insurance companies will be liable to cover all the costs of preventive services for women even if they have not met their annual deductible. In this article we will discuss the benefits that this new act brings with it for women.

  •  Cervical Cancer Screening:

After Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer is the most common form of Cancer found in women. According to the statistics, Cervical Cancer is the leading cause of Cancer related deaths in women in the past decade. It must be noted that the risk factor of Cervical Cancer can decreased significantly with the help of Pap tests that can diagnose the cervical pre-cancer. According to the new Affordable Care Act, sexually active women will be able to get these screening tests for absolutely free

  • Folic Acid Supplements:

It has been scientifically proven that pregnant women require an extra 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. Folic acid is very important both for the pregnant woman and the child in her womb. A proper dose of folic acid not only helps in avoiding miscarriages but also keeps the baby safe from any birth defects. According to the Affordable Care Act, all insurance companies will be liable to cover the cost of folic acid supplements for their female enrollees who are pregnant.

  • Contraceptive methods:

Along with the screening tests, the new Affordable Care Act has also made the availability of contraceptive methods for women absolutely free. From now on all contraceptive methods including the full range of FDA approved contraceptive pills, contraceptive shots, contraceptive devices such as vaginal rings and female condoms will be made available free of cost for all sexually active women.

  • Pregnancy benefits:

Under the new ACA act, it has been made mandatory for insurance companies to provide coverage to women who are pregnant or who are breast feeding. In a recent survey it was found that in 2013, the average expenses associated with pregnancy raked up to fifty thousand dollars, now this is seemingly a very high expenditure if you are not insured or if your plan doesn’t provides you with pregnancy benefits. But starting from 2014, each and every health care plan under ACA must not only cover child birth but also pre-conception and pre-natal care visits. In addition to this, all screening tests related to pregnancy care must be covered too.

This article is written by Jenna Presly. Jenna works for Healthcare Solutions Team which is licensed with over 40 major health insurance companies. She has written many articles that urge women to sign up for health plans under the new act.