Home Improvements To Prepare For Winter

The time to prepare your home for the winter is BEFORE the chilly months roll in. You may feel too busy now, but imagine all the problems that could arise and end up taking up your time later on. Below you will find 6 construction projects that will get you all set for winter.

Gas Logs

A lot of homes have fireplaces that will never be put to good use. They can be hard to maintain, and firewood can get expensive. If you’ve been considering it for a while, the best time to install gas logs is in Spring, Summer, or Fall. You would be amazed at how well they can heat a room, allowing you to turn down the home thermostat. They also look pleasing and can come in a range of choices.

Chimney Sweep

If you have a real fireplace, and you use it, before the season kicks off, call a chimney sweep. Getting your chimney cleaned every year insures that their is nothing blocking up the clearance, such as a birds nest, the structure of the chimney is sound, and there is no blow back of soot into the home. Even scarier, if too much soot builds up, you increase the chances of a chimney fire that could spread through your whole home.

Storm Windows

Most people’s least favorite thing about winter is the chilly air, and the impact it has on their wallet. Help to protect yourself against both of these things by investing in new storm windows. Unfortunately, this is another home improvement project that gets put off by a lot of busy families. Try not to wait too long! Putting in new windows at home can make the house much more comfortable and drafty air free! It can also conserve energy and lower your heating costs.

Check Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

During the winter, homes are at a high risk of fire or a carbon monoxide leak. From fireplaces to Christmas tree lights, you have to be especially careful. Before disaster strikes, check to make sure both your smoke alarm and your carbon monoxide detector are working so you can react quickly if an accident occurs.

Check and Repair Your Roof to Avoid a Leak

Before the winter weather hits, either check yourself, if you have the ability to safely do so, or have a professional check your roof for any problems. These could include shingles that need to be replaced or leaks. Not only will it be harder to get a problem fixed if it arises during the cold, but the accumulation of snow or ice may make problems worse, and more expensive to fix. You don’t want to get stuck with a leaking or caved in roof in a month like December!

Insulate Pipes

More than just being annoying, frozen pipes can lead to other problems with your home and appliances. As the frozen water inside the pipes expands, it can even burst your pipes, which is a nightmare to deal with and hard on your pocket book. Before the temperature drops below freezing, have your pipes insulated. You can choose to do this yourself (it’s not too tricky), or you can hire a contractor to complete the job quickly.

The insulation you wrap around the pipes will most likely be foam rubber and will prevent the pipes from getting as cold. This in turn will mean that the water will lose less heat on the way to your faucet and will get warm quicker, resulting in you being able to turn down the setting on your hot water heater a little, saving you some money.

Randy Dunn is the owner of Dunn Construction, servicing Mechanicsville, Virginia. Randy has been providing quality exterior siding replacement and gutter guards for the surrounding area of Varina since 1960.

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