Why A Water Cooler Dispenser Is One Cool Idea For Your Home

Water GlassA water cooler dispenser is not just something that should be chatted around during breaks at the office. These nifty devices are actually becoming a lot more commonplace in the home for a number of plausible reasons. We’ll explore why more homes are getting on board with this cool concept in the points that follow.

It’s Not Just for Water

While in the past the water cooler was really just for water, much has changed in recent years. Newer designs actually allow you to create instant beverages, from a wide array of different selections, by adding formula pouches to the water dispenser. For example, you can draw a cup of hot chocolate, tea or even cold sports beverages, all by using the same cooler that you also rely upon for filtered water.

Better Tasting Foods

If you are not cooking your foods or making your morning coffee with filtered water, you really ought to take the taste challenge. Filtered water tastes really good, there’s no question about that. Now imagine how it could alter the taste of the foods that you cook using it, and you will quickly realize what you’ve been missing out on all of this time. Fewer impurities in the water you use to cook mean better tasting foods.

Hot and Cold Options

If you really wouldn’t like to wait for water to boil before you can use it, the hot and cold options make a lot of sense. Instead, most dispensers feature three common options: hot, cold or room temperature. Whether you want a cup of instant coffee really fast or just want to fill your water bottle with cold water for jogging, it’s ready for you right away.

Cost Effectiveness

While there will always be some form of a monthly fee that’s associated with these nifty dispensers, they actually can save you money. Consider this for a moment. The average bottle of water is eight ounces and costs about $1. Filtered water costs about $0.35 cents per gallon, even after you factor the cost of the water dispensing unit. As you can see, there’s really no comparison on price between the cost per use and the cost per bottle of water.

Benefits of Filtered Water

One of the primary goals of filtering water is to remove any biological contaminants and to make the water better tasting. Often hard water, such as that which comes out the sink tap at home, contains trace elements of biological components, chlorine (bleach) and minerals (hard water) that can alter the taste. Properly filtered water uses a signature process to remove these undesirable elements and deliver better tasting and safer water. Here are some other associated benefits:

  • Lead-free and safer drinking water.

  • Costs far less than bottled water.

  • Reduces risk of contracting various cancers, according to Allaboutwater.org.

  • Helps reduce the risk of contracting gastrointestinal disease by as much as 30 percent.

  • Helps to improve the immune system in developing children.

  • Removes more than 2,000 known contaminants that are commonly found in tap water.

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