Give Your Business An Energy Audit

Business Energy Audit

It is important that your business takes responsibility in how much energy they are using. This is to determine not only your business’ impact on the wider world at large, but also could result in you finding ways to reduce your energy output. This is a great opportunity to save money as well for your business.

Let’s take a look at the following things that you can consider and should be double checking to see if you can save energy and save money on business gas and electricity bills.


A great way to start is with your own staff. There are several key ways that you can coach your staff to make the inner-workings of the office as conscious as possible in regards to saving energy. This includes making sure that the staff turn off the lights when they are not being used – it is sometimes easy to forget when everyone leaves en-masse to go to lunch or to business meetings.

Make sure they are following up and taking care of their surroundings. One way to do this is putting reminder stickers above the light switches. After work, it is also a great idea to coach your staff to turn off their computers if they are not using them, or will not be using their computer equipment for more than an hour. This is the responsibility of each and every employee, so it should be actively encouraged within the workplace.


Take a look at the equipment in the office place. With a quick scan, consider if there are any pieces of equipment can use a self timer. If machines turn themselves off automatically, this will help with saving energy and not having to rely on individual responsibility every time. In addition, consider converting your equipment to more friendly environmental versions – this may include switching old-style computer monitors to more eco-friendly LCD alternatives. Also encourage using communal spaces for food storage, in case your employees have their own individual refrigerators. This could cut down a lot of expenses for your business.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling takes up a lot of energy and natural gas resources. In order to keep an eye on how much business gas is being used, consider setting the central thermostat at around 18 degrees Celsius. This is a standard temperature and should be maintained.

Also make sure that the windows and doors are closed if gas heating is being used in the office place. Not only is this a waste of energy of escaping air, but also is a simple oversight on how to maximise your efficiency in the workplace. It is also a great idea to set the ventilation equipment to timers to make sure that the office is only using business gas at appropriate times. It is also a great way to prevent unnecessary heating if someone forgets to turn off the heating or cooling system upon leaving the work place. Regulating the air temperature in the office place is a relatively simple task, and a great way to save energy.

Louisa Jenkins writes articles about all sorts of things, but she’s especially interested in green energy issues. She recommends talking to a ‘Big Six’ energy supplier like ScottishPower for more business gas and electricity advice.