The History Of Gazebos

Lovely GazeboGazebos have a long history of being used to accentuate a person’s home and adding style and beauty to the landscape. When you first think of a gazebo you may think of those that are placed in public areas, such as a park.

However, many people have added on gazebos to their homes, placed one in the backyard as a place to relax or even use one for decoration. Throughout history gazebos have been used for a variety of activities and have evolved into the beautiful structures that we have in our yards today.

From Early Religious Fixtures to Modern Decorations

Thousands of years ago, gazebos were mainly used as places for religious gatherings. A gazebo is typically an open structure with a solid roof. In early times, people would come together under a gazebo to practice their religion under the shade while still remaining outdoors and close to nature. The ancient Greeks constructed gazebos in gardens that were part of the same land as local temples and were often dedicated to a particular god or goddess.

Originally, a gazebo was built on top of the home of the royal or wealthy. This gave the homeowner a place on the roof that was comfortable and provided picturesque views of the surrounding land and community.

Eventually, the gazebo made its way to the ground level and was placed in gardens as both a place to entertain guests and to provide support for the growing ivy and vines of grapes and other plants. Those with a gazebo could escape the heat and enjoy some time in their own personal paradise.

The Rise of Gazebos in the United States

Although gazebos date back thousands of years, their popularity did not make its way over to the new world with the settlers in early America. Not until the mid-1800s did people in the United States start to incorporate gazebos into home design.

As people began to get wealthier, they built gazebos into the design of expansive porches coming off of their home. This can still be seen in large homes throughout the country, from the South to the Northeast to the West Coast.  In the 1980s the gazebo made a comeback in home and garden construction as people wanted to have a place near their home where they could get away and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Reasons Why Gazebos Continue to Grow in Popularity

Gazebos continue to offer people a quiet place to relax and entertain guests with a feeling of luxury and tranquility. The versatility of a gazebo makes it an especially attractive piece because it can be used for weddings, family gatherings, or even simply a place where you and your spouse can have a glass of wine and read a good book.

Gazebos come in a number of shapes and sizes and you can use different materials in order to match the theme of the rest of your garden. For example, you can seamlessly integrate a gazebo into your existing garden by choosing from a wide variety of materials.

A gazebo is much more than a structure you can use to add to the beauty of your home. It is also a place where you can go to admire the beauty of the world around you. Explore your options and contact a gazebo expert to start planning out your garden.

Mary Aquino has had a lifelong passion for all things home and garden and DIY home improvement projects.