Cloud-based Anti-viruses: A Silent Superhero With Some Villainous Features!

Cloud Anti-VirusThe cloud is acting as a magnet and pulling everything towards itself. So how can anti-viruses remain aloof from the Cloud?

The cloud has matched up perfectly with many applications such as Communications, Games, Television, Data, Files, Customer Relationship Management tools, Music and much more. Whatever till date has been associated with the Cloud, has ultimately carved a niche for itself. Most of the Cloud-based associations have proved to be highly successful.

There is one application whose association with the Cloud is just a few days old and which has recently joined hands with the Cloud. This application is the Anti-virus. The cloud-based anti-viruses offer the following benefits:

1. Upgrades automatically

One of the major benefits associated with the cloud-based anti-viruses is that they always keep themselves updated. You are not required to perform regular inspections in order to keep them up to date. The problem which is commonly encountered with the desktop versions of anti-viruses is that if they are not up to date, then any recent virus or threat or malware might sneak-peak into the system and spoil it.

However, the cloud-based anti-viruses always remain updated, thus preventing your system from the attack and threats of viruses. This will allow your system to work without any interruption for years.

2. Much more secure

The cloud-based anti-viruses provide many more security and system protection options as compared to an on-system anti-virus. Single subscription of the cloud-based anti-virus offers protection against Trojans, viruses, malware, spyware, adware, worms, and many such similar threats. This feature is not offered by an on-system anti-virus.

3. Low setup expenses

The setup cost encountered while installing an on-system anti-virus is much heftier as compared to that which would be encountered while installing the cloud-based anti-virus. Besides this, maintenance cost of the cloud-based anti-virus is also less as compared to an on-system setup, as there would be no need to employ an IT team to manage the functioning and up-gradation  of the anti-viruses.

4. Lower installation time

If you want to install an on-system anti-virus in each and every system of your office, it would require the IT department to toil hard for hours on all the systems for the successful installation. However, with the cloud-based setup, installation is just a clicks away.

5. Runs on prevailing software

The cloud-based anti-viruses are capable of running on the existing software. They do not require anything extra for their proper functioning.

However, it is the question of every computer user that do the cloud-based anti-viruses really offer what they say? The answer to this question is a bit apprehensive one, often leaving the users in a dicey situation. It has been a common observation that the cloud-based anti-viruses do not always extend a profitable hand. They are successful to some extent but in some situations, they fail terribly.

If we compare the protection levels offered by the cloud-based anti-virus to an on-system one, then the former definitely surpasses the latter; but still the choice of people is an on-system setup.

The cloud-based security systems also provide data security. This security level is of the top order and it can be easily understood by the results of a survey which was conducted lately. The survey reveals that nowadays, almost 90 % of the users are storing their crucial and important data on the cloud.

This enables one to comprehend that the cloud-based anti-virus and security systems are surely gaining impetus. Many organizations are shifting towards the cloud-based security systems as they have numerous positives to offer. Try out the cloud. It will surely take you ahead of others!

Viola Allen is a Cloud expert, currently employed with Hosted QuickBooks DotNet. Her passion is to write about the recent technological advancements, including Cloud Hosting, Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Her main motive is to gain more and more information about the latest technological advancements in the industry.