You May Be Entitled To Compensation If This Happened To You

Let’s face it: the reality is people are going to get hurt. Most of the time nobody in particular is at fault – in fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, the most common reason for a visit to the hospital is an unintentional slip and fall. However, every so often something does happen where somebody IS as fault, and in these situations, the victim is going to want compensation.

But what’s the most common cause of these claims? And, of great concern to those afflicted – how much payout can one expect? This article will look at the three most common causes of personal injury claims pulled from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, as well as the median settlements from these cases.

Automobile Accidents:

As anybody who has ever driven in a major city will tell you – there are a lot of unsafe drivers out there. Thus, it should not come as any surprise that the most common cause of personal injury claims come from automobile accidents. In fact, the most common reason for one to appear in court stems from claims that resulting from auto accidents. These motor vehicle cases account for 35% percent of all court cases carried out in 2005, and they account for 52% of personal injury claims overall.

However, the actual amount dispensed in these personal injury trials has the lowest median of all trials, coming in at a mere $15,000 compared to the median for all jury trials of $28,000.

Medical Malpractice:

While most doctors are highly competent individuals skilled at their work, as with any profession, there are some you wouldn’t even trust to change the bed sheets. Furthermore, even the best doctors are only human and are therefore prone to human error. In any other industry human error would be forgivable and incompetence would at worst leading to the unqualified losing their job.

Doctors on the other hand have the unenviable position of human error or incompetence resulting in serious injury or death. In overall statistics, medical malpractice related claims rank second for tort cases, accounting 15% of personal injury claims and 9.1% of trials overall.

However, the courts are quite generous in medical malpractice settlements, netting the second highest median payout of all types of civil cases at a whopping $400,000, trailing behind only asbestos related lawsuits which carry a median payout of $682,000.

Premises Liability:

Ranking in third for personal injury cases are premises liability cases. It happens sometimes that one may trip over improperly secured carpeting and suffer a significant injury in a fall, or perhaps loose hanging items such as ceiling tiles, lights, or other accessories might come crashing down. Cases like these make up a total of 6.9% of civil trials in the United States, adding up to a total of 1,863 court cases dispensed over 2005.

The awarded damages from these cases are also quite generous, exceeding the general median by with a median award for premises liability cases of $98,000.

If you or someone you know has experienced a personal injury, be sure to contact your attorney to ensure you have proper representation and receive the compensation you deserve.


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