5 Must-Have Tools For The Startup Law Practice

computerStaring a law practice is not an easy feat. You need to locate the office, establish a great team, locate clients, and dress your business with office essentials. Although these tasks may be daunting, they are essential if you want to create your own practice.

What most law startups fail to realize is that there are plenty of tools out there dedicated to help make your company launch more efficient and successful. If you are planning on entering the world of entrepreneurship, the following are five must-have tools for the startup law practice.

1. JurisPage

Gone are the days where lawyers roped in clients by pasting their face on a park bench. Sure you can still take that route, but it’s also important that your law firm have a website, as most clients are searching for their law information via email. JurisPage is a web design and marketing firm aimed at the law industry. The have the knowledge and expertise to create a website for your company that will attract your audience, and they have set pricing for all their options, allowing you to create the website you need within your own specific budget. Plus, JurisPage is also skilled at SEO, and they ensure that your website is optimized for mobile as well, giving you a great advantage.

2. Dropbox

As a lawyer, you constantly have your hands full of documents and other important papers, and trying to organize them—and remember to bring them to court—can often be challenging. With Dropbox, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something at the office ever again. Dropbox is a cloud-based program that allows you to save and share documents on the cloud. You can access your Dropbox from anywhere, allowing you to print, edit or save documents from any device anywhere in the world. You can also share documents through Dropbox with others, such as clients or other employees. This is one of the best ways to organize your cases and ensure you never forget an important piece of information ever again.

3. FreshBooks

As a lawyer who charges by the hour, you know the importance of tracking your time with each specific client, sending correct invoices, and receiving payments. Instead of spending the money on a salary for an accounts payable and receivable staff member, opt to use FreshBooks. This cloud-based software program allows you to track your hours for every client you have, create and send invoices, and even accept electronic payments. This program is great for law startups that don’t have the funds to hire additional staff and don’t have the time to learn how to use a tricky program.

4. Clio

When starting a business, and even after it’s launched, it’s very important that you stay organized. If you confuse client cases, miss court dates or lose documents, your law firm will not be around for long. Clio is a cloud-based law management software program designed to help your firm stay completely organized. Through the program, you can create and save client documents, track emails with your clients, add court dates to your client, track court deadlines, and even create and share calendars with other members of your firm. You can even track your time and create invoices to send to your clients, making this an all-around must-have for every startup law firm.

5. Rev

When you are starting your law firm, you are going to be bogged down with so many tasks that you won’t find the time to tend to the time-consuming ones. This is where Rev comes in. Rev is a reliable and fast transcription company that will professionally transcribe those court documents, phone conversations or any other pertinent audio file you need. This way, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself, and their cost-efficient pricing structure allows this service to fit within your budget.

Guest Author: Lizzie Lau is a freelance writer and online marketing consultant with SEOMap.com. Lizzie combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles on various topics.