5 Essential DIYs Every Homeowner Should Know

houseThere was no better feeling in the world than the moment when I finally collapsed onto the couch after moving into my first new home. Finally, I was a homeowner. No longer was I boggled down by the rules of my parents or a landlord. In this palace, I am King. However, not too long after moving in, I realized that there were many things I had no idea how to do. My whole life these little chores and quick fix it projects had magically done themselves, but now it was up to me.

Luckily, you can learn from my struggles by learning how to do these 5 home essentials.

Clean Out Gutters

If your home doesn’t already have some gutters, then you should look into purchasing some. It is important that, at least twice a year, you safely place a ladder against the house and clean out your gutters from all the debris that is in them. You will need to remove all the leaves and other junk that is caught in there with your hands or a portable vacuum in order to prevent clogging or even worse, a fire caused by dry leaves and hot outdoor temperatures.

Locating Wall Studs

If you ever want to build something in your home, then it is a good idea to learn how to find out where the studs in your walls are. Whether it is hanging a picture or building a shelf, you will need to know where the studs are hidden. The best possible way to do this is go out and buy yourself a battery operated stud finder. This way you can place the device up against the wall, and it will light up green when you are over the stud.


Keeping the inside and outside of your home clean is very important. If you don’t keep up with basic weekly cleaning on the inside of your home, then dust and debris will add up quickly bringing unwanted pests and problems into your home. It is important to make sure you mop your floors and vacuum weekly as well to insure they last as long as possible.

Power washing the sides of your house and your driveway or patio will also keep the outside parts of your property clean and less likely to need repair. When you purchase a home you want to keep the value of the home up in case you ever want to resell the house. So making sure everything inside stays in tip top shape is important in the long run.

Fixing Plumbing

Basic plumbing problems can be easy to fix if you know what you are doing. Calling a plumber can cost you a large sum of money for even small problems, so it is important to learn basic plumbing skills. If a sink is leaking you will need to check underneath it to make sure that all pipes are tight and secured. Also make sure all your faucets are tight and that there are no leaks. Leaks can turn into expensive water bills and normally require just a simple washer or quick turn of a wrench to fix.

Pest Control

Keeping pests out of your house needs to be one of your top priorities. This means everything from ants to termites. You can go to your local hardware store and purchase plenty of pesticides to keep bugs and other insects out of your home. If termites enter your home, you can be looking at thousands of dollars worth of damage, and most of the time you don’t realize they are in your home until it is too late. So take some time to spend a few extra dollars on keeping your home insect free.

When it comes down to it, there are really hundreds of different things you can learn to do on your own over time now that you own a house. These are just five of the basic ones. Being a homeowner comes with a big responsibility, so make sure you keep your house in the best shape you can, and you will find yourself making less repairs as the years roll on.

This article was written by Colin Quinn, professional writer at Bob Heinmiller Solar in Orlando, Florida. Colin is an experienced blogger with a resourceful nature and diverse interests.

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