5 Tips For Better Infographics

One of the hottest things in the world of content creation at the moment is the use of infographics. These little images have plenty of data packed within them and they are something that will really get your readers and followers sharing your content.

If you want to create good infographics then take these five tips on board.Infographic Tips

1. Understand The Psychology

It is a good idea to really understand the psychology behind the success of infographics. This can really help you create better infographs and tap into the reasons why we love them so much.

The visual aspect is really important for humans and it often makes it a lot easier for us to take in new information when a visual is present. It can therefore really help you give the right message for people.

2. Add Interactivity With Scrolling

You should also aim to make your infographs engaging and one simple way of doing it is by making the viewer to scroll. If the infographic can engage the viewer so that they can’t stop scrolling down you have really succeeded.

Remember that we are really curious by nature and thus having a person scroll down with interest isn’t all that difficult. It is a good, simple tactic that you should implement with your infographs.

3. Include Roll Over Information

It is also a good way to add more interactivity by revealing more information with your infograph once the viewer scrolls over a specific part. This is a nice simple touch for getting the viewer really interested.

It also gives you better tools to pack in as much information for the chart as possible, without it looking too crowded. You can find simple information for doing rollover additions for your file from this Convergence Journalism article (update: not active anymore), for instance.

4. Get The Viewer To Participate

A good infographic is also something that gets the viewers to participate. You want to make sure that the infographic either directly calls for the viewer to participate and act or that they just find it so good that they want to share it.

A simple call to action can be just to follow you on social media or to sign up with your e-mail service. This is really going to help you create more publicity and use this content to market your business or blog, for example.

5. Learn The Little Tricks

Because infographics are so important and popular at the moment it is a good idea to find out all you can about them. Making your own infographics isn’t all that difficult either and there are plenty of good resources available for you to learn how to do them.

It is something really fun to do and can bring you a lot of online visibility (although it might not help your SEO efforts). If you are looking for a new way to create content then this is definitely the way to do it. Just make sure that the infographics you make are relevant for what you normally do and are just a new format for marketing your business or your blog.

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