Five Simple Tricks To Help You Fight With Dust

Fight With DustThe key of cleaning is not dispersing the dust all around the room, it is collecting it and removing it, and cotton rags, warm water, lemon, olive oil and vinegar can help you there.

In order to make your cleaning as efficient as possible and to make your home look beautiful and comfortable for as long as possible use these 5 simple tricks that really help.

1. Make a draft

By vacuuming you will remove the dust from your floor and carpet but during a sunny day you can clearly see dust particles flying around everywhere. To avoid this, after vacuuming, make a draft or turn on the AC on the ventilator function. That will blow out the small particles of dust from the room.

2. Make antistatic rags for dust

In half a mug of warm water squeeze 3 lemons and add two cups of olive oil and mix it all up. Cut a few cotton rags (from sheets, an old t-shirt…) and place them in a pot with a lid, and then soak them in the mixture. Put the lid on and leave them to get soaked for about two hours. Squeeze them and let them dry, and when they are completely dry, they are ready to be used. The rag will attract and collect all the dust. Wash them by hand and repeat the process after using it three times.

3. Clean your vacuum cleaner in detail

Clean your houseAlthough his function is to clean, in the filter of the vacuum dust particles get collected and the airflow through the filter returns them into the room. Once a month do an overhaul on your vacuum cleaner. Replace the filter and use a wet rag to wipe all the interior parts you can reach.

4. Use smart cleaning agents

The key of cleaning dust is not dispersing it across the room but collecting and removing it. In a bowl with about half a liter of mild water dribble a few drops of essential oil by your desire (lavender, mint, citrus…) or olive oil. Dip in a cotton rag, squeeze it good and wipe the wooden and plastic surfaces with it. For glass use a mixture of vinegar and water.

5. Shake out your rugs

Rugs are the main dust collectors and because of that it is very important to clean them in detail. Your vacuum cleaner will only remove the surface dust, but the majority of the dust is hiding between the individual carpet fibers. Once a month take out your rug on your terrace or yard and beat it out well.

We hope these five very simple and easy to apply tricks have helped you in understanding dust fighting a bit more thoroughly. If you stick with these easy to use tips your house will be, feel and look much cleaner as the annoying dust won’t be flying around anymore to make you sneeze and generally feel like you can’t breathe. Begone dust, a new age of clean has come.

By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the health, travel, sport, home decor, and much more. When not blogging, he likes to travel and read a lot.

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